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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 Set up a Trac task major other
#3 VNC applet doesn't handle repeated connections quentin defect critical vnc
#4 Database connections are not reloaded after database restart nelhage defect minor database
#5 Get *.<something> price task critical Public Beta dns
#6 Automatic installation of common distributions price enhancement blocker autoinstallers
#8 AJAXify the web interface ecprice enhancement major web
#9 Faster haveAccess(user, machine) ecprice defect critical web
#10 ParaVM support nelhage defect blocker Public Beta database
#11 Xen upgrade hartmans defect major xen
#12 Clean up the web interface ecprice enhancement critical Demo-able web
#13 Trac should have access to the SVN repository quentin defect minor other
#14 Authorization ecprice task major web
#15 Ownership transfer ecprice task major web
#16 Authentication ecprice task major web
#17 Resource limits ecprice task major web
#18 VNC password generation quentin task major vnc
#19 Machine rename tabbott task major remctl
#20 DHCP Server quentin task major dhcp
#21 DNS Server ecprice task major dns
#22 Machine modifications (ram, hostname, ACL) ecprice task major web
#23 Move web interface off laptop ecprice task major web
#24 CSS ecprice task major web
#25 Help! ecprice task major web
#26 Security on VNC quentin task major vnc
#27 remctl create of running VM reboots machine. tabbott defect major remctl
#28 Java vnc applet's height is too small ecprice defect major web
#30 remove back doors ecprice defect blocker web
#31 switch from tabbott.extra ecprice defect minor web
#32 /debian is full defect minor Alpha other
#33 Serial console access broder task major Demo-able vnc
#34 Support Windows DHCP clients quentin defect minor Version 2.0 dhcp
#37 Should have MIT-signed certificate quentin defect critical web
#38 Web interface should support Kerberos auth ecprice enhancement minor Version 2.0 web
#40 Power on/off and other dangerous stuff should be POST, not GET ecprice defect minor web
#41 Can’t boot modern (2.6.22+) 64-bit kernels hartmans defect blocker xen
#42 DNS server has some kind of mystical internal cache ecprice defect major dns
#43 Framebuffer issues should be documented quentin defect major vnc
#44 Hostname set over DHCP should be reasonable broder defect major Demo-able dhcp
#45 automate startup broder task major other
#46 Fix the RAID andersk defect blocker Alpha other
#48 Make a sane development workflow broder defect minor other
#50 move DNS server off sipb-xen-dev task major Public Beta other
#52 web operations' result pages should be capable of reload ecprice defect minor Demo-able web
#53 web operations hang until (slow) completion price defect minor Demo-able autoinstallers
#54 UDP checksum failure for ParaVM dhcp quentin defect major Public Beta dhcp
#56 Gutsy ubuntu-desktop for autoinstaller price enhancement major Demo-able autoinstallers
#57 autoinstaller accept a root password, or make a random one price defect minor Demo-able autoinstallers
#58 autoinstaller use lvcreate --snapshot for speed price enhancement minor Public Beta autoinstallers
#59 losetup sucks price defect trivial Version 2.0 autoinstallers
#60 purge hostname more completely from autoinstaller image's memory price defect minor Version 2.0 autoinstallers
#61 autoinstaller run image-supplied script to do frobbing price enhancement major Public Beta autoinstallers
#64 Booting 32-bit guest kernel broder defect minor Public Beta xen
#65 paravm should have autoinstall images price enhancement critical Public Beta autoinstallers
#66 ParaVM Creation and Install defect major Public Beta xen
#67 Style the web interface ecprice enhancement critical Demo-able web
#68 Upgrade to Xen 3.2 enhancement major Public Beta xen
#69 Owner and Administrator are not validated well ecprice defect major Public Beta web
#70 fix mouse tracking in VNC ecprice defect minor Demo-able vnc
#72 Nothing indicates that administrator needs to be a group ecprice enhancement critical Public Beta web
#73 Web interface handles SSL caching incorrectly quentin defect major web
#74 support multiple compute servers enhancement blocker Public Beta other
#78 make public-facing web page ecprice enhancement major Public Beta web
#80 console server ACL caching broder defect minor Public Beta console server
#81 Add a free-text description/status field associated with each VM ecprice enhancement minor web
#82 cache_acls doesn't deal with directories set anyuser none ecprice defect minor web
#83 qemu-dm-sipb should compute ROOT for itself defect major Public Beta xen
#84 error in sipb-xen-lvcopy price defect major Public Beta autoinstallers
#85 back up database defect critical Public Beta database
#86 Do not run debootstrap on dom0 price defect blocker Public Beta autoinstallers
#88 VNC certificate vulnerable quentin defect critical vnc
#91 Set a lower memory limit on dom0 defect blocker other
#92 SOA record in DNS server ecprice defect minor dns
#93 Authoritative NS records in DNS server defect minor dns
#97 Auto-update clone image price defect critical Public Beta autoinstallers
#98 Test ticket defect trivial other
#99 Use safe and fast serialization format for remctl listvms quentin defect major other
#100 cloning autoinstaller: enforce disk-size requirement price defect minor Public Beta autoinstallers
#101 autoinstaller: document root password, etc, more price enhancement minor Public Beta autoinstallers
#102 document awesome remctl interface task major Public Beta web
#103 Got ugly traceback when deleting VM nelhage defect major database
#104 send "control" remctls to any host price enhancement major remctl
#105 send "create" remctls to a host chosen by load price enhancement major remctl
#106 console server work for all hosts broder enhancement major console server
#108 VNC applet work for all hosts quentin enhancement major vnc
#110 do something sane on /info for ns1 (no disks) ecprice defect minor web
#111 run autoinstalls in the background, rather than aborting with timeout ecprice defect major web
#112 on /create: "Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected" defect minor xen
#118 Jaunty autoinstaller doesn't set up admin user sudo defect minor autoinstallers
#119 Test trac ticket defect major other
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