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(edit) @422   16 years price more and better titles * Title with <h1> on VM list * append 'SIPB …
(edit) @421   16 years price comment out timing info
(edit) @420   16 years price punctuation in about.html
(edit) @419   16 years price sipb-xen-dev@ -> sipb-xen@
(edit) @418   16 years price sipb-xen -> SIPB Virtual Servers externally I'm open to other names, …
(edit) @417   16 years price Style logged-in message. Moved to upper right, name in bold. Also …
(edit) @416   16 years price first cut at a more visible navbar
(edit) @415   16 years price clean up CSS, and add blue border. More targeted changes to the style …
(edit) @414   16 years price svn:ignore *.pyc in web
(edit) @413   16 years ecprice Resolve #69, by checking that administrators are either users or …
(edit) @412   16 years ecprice Better error messaging for invalid lockers.
(edit) @411   16 years ecprice Fix the bug jbarnold reported, where the real-time access control …
(edit) @410   16 years ecprice Expose a useful function.
(edit) @409   16 years ecprice Rename MyException? to something reasonable.
(edit) @408   16 years broder Validate the locker name before using it for anything
(edit) @407   16 years price give useful URIs after per-VM commands I haven't done this for the …
(edit) @406   16 years price default to no boot CD when cloning
(edit) @405   16 years price put the post-copy frobbing details in the image
(edit) @403   16 years broder Forgot one other change I made on black-mesa
(edit) @400   16 years broder One of these days I'll learn not to hack when I should be sleeping
(edit) @397   16 years broder Create and destroy conserver consoles through a Python script, instead …
(edit) @395   16 years broder Yeah...I'm still an idiot
(edit) @393   16 years broder And...I'm an idiot
(edit) @391   16 years broder Misnamed a file
(edit) @386   16 years broder Change to using conserver instead of ssh
(edit) @384   16 years broder Fixing a typo
(edit) @382   16 years broder Don't add "d_" to the server name here - do it later
(edit) @380   16 years broder Added configuration changes for Kerberos and passwordless SSH, and …
(edit) @377   16 years broder Fix the DHCP server (fixes #44)
(edit) @375   16 years broder And...I should actually read examples before I copy them
(edit) @373   16 years broder Refresh the ACL cache every 5 minutes
(edit) @371   16 years broder The consolefs directory should be created when the package is …
(edit) @369   16 years broder Forgot to change the version number - sorry
(edit) @368   16 years broder fuse should get modprobe'd at boot
(edit) @366   16 years broder It should not be trivial for us to hack users' machines
(edit) @364   16 years broder New package - new version
(edit) @361   16 years broder Splitting pydhcplib off into its own package Hold onto your hats, …
(edit) @359   16 years broder Added comments and changed to using the syslog module instead of print
(edit) @357   16 years broder One more bug - principles in the .k5login files weren't being …
(edit) @353   16 years broder sipb-xen-chrony-config applies the chrony.conf file that I've been …
(edit) @351   16 years broder Fixing the motd instead of turning it off
(edit) @345   16 years broder Whoops - forgot the dummy file
(edit) @344   16 years broder New sipb-xen-console. Now with more magic - and more working This …
(edit) @343   16 years price todo has moved to trac
(edit) @342   16 years price absolute path to VncViewer?.jar (someone's uncommitted change)
(edit) @341   16 years price console tips in popup (broder's uncommitted change)
(edit) @340   16 years price expose cloning autoinstaller in web interface
(edit) @339   16 years price expose lvcopy in remctl
(edit) @338   16 years price some cleanups in copying autoinstaller
(edit) @337   16 years price remove apparently obsoleted script sipb-xen-lvcreate This file …
(edit) @336   16 years price copying installer works now (maybe?) At least for the image 'ice3', …
(edit) @335   16 years broder First stab at a package to create the console server
(edit) @333   16 years ecprice Increment debian version.
(edit) @332   16 years ecprice Preinst script to create sipb-xen group.
(edit) @320   16 years ecprice Increment version
(edit) @319   16 years broder Fixed a bug in the DNS startup script and the dependencies for sipb-xen-www
(edit) @317   16 years ecprice Update sx-buid-release for shallower directory structure.
(edit) @315   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Finish the job.
(edit) @314   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Doing the other …
(edit) @313   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Finish temporary …
(edit) @312   16 years ecprice Undo accidental commit in -r 311.
(edit) @311   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. This is a temporary …
(edit) @310   16 years price remove spurious extra directory level
(edit) @309   16 years price move framebuffer tip to /help page
(edit) @308   16 years price err, actually writable
(edit) @307   16 years price keep /var/www/sipb-xen-www writable by our accounts
(edit) @306   16 years broder Today is, in fact, not a Sunday
(edit) @305   16 years broder If I'm lucky, I might have a sipb-xen-vnc-client package, too
(edit) @304   16 years ecprice Fix the Makefile to recursively apply make.
(edit) @303   16 years broder Moved sipb-xen-www into a package
(edit) @302   16 years ecprice Work around stale database connections (#4) in the DNS server
(edit) @301   16 years ecprice Resolve #40 to make powering on/off a post.
(edit) @300   16 years ecprice Clear the sql cache for dns and dhcp, fixing #42.
(edit) @298   16 years ecprice Find the svn repository with svn info
(edit) @297   16 years ecprice Increment version number
(edit) @296   16 years ecprice Actually expose the function
(edit) @295   16 years ecprice Improve postinst script to not give errors.
(edit) @294   16 years broder Ok - I think this will load the iptables rules on boot
(edit) @292   16 years ecprice Ubuntu's dch sucks.
(edit) @291   16 years broder needs to be run from its own directory, and evil warning …
(edit) @290   16 years ecprice Increment the version number
(edit) @289   16 years broder Changed VNC proxy to spew to stdout instead of an arbitrary logfile so …
(edit) @288   16 years broder Fixed the init scripts and control file. Also, imported quentin's …
(edit) @287   16 years ecprice Expose the function for clearing the cache.
(edit) @286   16 years broder Moving VNC proxy server into a package
(edit) @285   16 years ecprice 450 pixels is too short. Making it not hard-coded would be nice, though.
(edit) @284   16 years ecprice Log dhcp output to syslog. Analogous to -r 283, but for dhcp instead …
(edit) @283   16 years broder DNS server would now log any output to LOG_DAEMON...of course there …
(edit) @282   16 years broder This directory shouldn't exist anymore - it's all been moved into …
(edit) @281   16 years price advise users to disable the framebuffer It'd be great if we could …
(edit) @280   16 years ecprice Put alpha message in SVN
(edit) @279   16 years price ignore cheetah-generated files
(edit) @278   16 years tabbott Fix lintian errors.
(edit) @277   16 years ecprice Fix bug resulting from partial uptimes list from r261
(edit) @276   16 years broder Contact info for the two new packages should be sipb-xen@
(edit) @275   16 years broder Made sure that the daemon gets run out of the right directory
(edit) @274   16 years broder Ok - making the DHCP server executable this time
(edit) @273   16 years broder Something that is hopefully a DHCP server package
(edit) @272   16 years broder And...we changed the port, so this wasn't accurate
(edit) @271   16 years broder A couple fixups to the sipb-xen-dns package. Also, testing commits …
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