Jul 10, 2008:

4:19 PM Changeset [671] by quentin
Boot VMs as HVM when there is a boot CD, regardless of machine type

Jul 8, 2008:

4:50 PM Changeset [670] by ecprice
Fix statement about autoinstall's password

Jul 7, 2008:

10:51 PM Changeset [669] by price
reformat iptables.rules a bit
10:44 PM Changeset [668] by price
iptables forward for sx-blade-2 VNC
10:40 PM Changeset [667] by price
web: support sx-blade-2 for VNC applet Currently hardcodes host->port …
10:39 PM Changeset [666] by price
web controls.py: remove newline in listHost

Jun 29, 2008:

3:00 AM Ticket #108 (VNC applet work for all hosts) created by price
Part of #74.
2:56 AM Ticket #105 (send "create" remctls to a host chosen by load) closed by price
fixed: Done tonight, mainly in r659 and r660.
2:56 AM Ticket #104 (send "control" remctls to any host) closed by price
fixed: Did this at the hackathon a week ago, mainly in r625.
12:50 AM Changeset [665] by price
remote-create: document load-balancing algorithm We take the host …
12:48 AM Changeset [664] by price
remote-create: keep output in order
12:42 AM Changeset [663] by price
document listhost in help
12:40 AM Changeset [662] by price
web: say where a VM is running
12:39 AM Changeset [661] by price
remctl .. control .. listhost: say where a VM is running
12:05 AM Changeset [660] by price
start load-balancing over hosts We're now a replicated service. …

Jun 28, 2008:

11:45 PM Changeset [659] by price
sipb-xen-remote-proxy: refactor argument parsing and passing
11:28 PM Changeset [658] by price
code to load-balance boots among hosts
11:24 PM Changeset [657] by price
a sipb-xen-remctl-auto file that's been unchecked-in for a while
9:54 PM Changeset [656] by price
check in Quentin's remote-listvmsd
9:01 PM Changeset [655] by price
check in Anders' image source Just the 'on' state, though, and …
8:43 PM Changeset [654] by price
what I meant, in Python > This is what happens when you have a race …

Jun 24, 2008:

11:51 AM Ticket #107 (Option to hand out IP addresses from a pool) created by geofft
IP addresses and disk space are the two main resources that are wasted …
12:47 AM Changeset [653] by price
err, what I meant This is what happens when you have a race you can't …
12:35 AM Changeset [652] by price
fix a race based on rwbarton's error message

Jun 23, 2008:

10:10 PM Changeset [651] by broder
Restructuring code to correctly return NXDOMAIN on non-A-record requests
9:57 PM Changeset [650] by broder
Empty the authority and additional sections to prevent infinite loops …
9:40 PM Changeset [649] by ecprice
More accurate error message for new machine naming guidelines.
9:28 PM Changeset [648] by ecprice
More accurate validMachineName (no _, 63 character limit).
9:13 PM Changeset [647] by ecprice
Only allow lowercase machine names
4:23 PM Changeset [646] by broder
Canonicalize anything we get to lower case
2:15 PM Changeset [645] by broder
Always return an additional section
4:21 AM Changeset [644] by andersk
Power button tweaks from the hackathon.

Jun 22, 2008:

8:40 PM Changeset [643] by broder
xvm.mit.edu MUST NOT (in RFC terms) be a CNAME
6:25 PM Changeset [642] by broder
Hyphens in the LV name are replaced with double hyphens in /dev/mapper
9:32 AM Changeset [641] by ecprice
Getting towards the autoinstaller in domU. Works with etch, almost …
2:42 AM Changeset [640] by ecprice
Import random before seeding
2:37 AM Changeset [639] by quentin
Show power buttons as icons
2:31 AM Changeset [638] by quentin
Images without foreground, for use as background
1:59 AM Changeset [637] by quentin
Use IEC 5009 standby symbol
1:30 AM Changeset [636] by quentin
Add power button images
1:28 AM Changeset [635] by ecprice
xen-create-image in dom0
1:26 AM Changeset [634] by ecprice
Seed the random number generator after the fork.

Jun 21, 2008:

10:51 PM Changeset [633] by andersk
Redirect overlord -> overlord/ and use relative redirects.
10:39 PM Changeset [632] by andersk
Add overlord mode, accessible from xvm.mit.edu/overlord by …
9:28 PM Changeset [631] by ecprice
Tag 10.13 of sipb-xen-database
9:27 PM Changeset [630] by ecprice
Database changes for autoinstalls
9:23 PM Changeset [629] by ecprice
9:16 PM Changeset [628] by price
web: fix file permissions on each make
9:10 PM Changeset [627] by price
web: don't send mail on error if it's one of us testing I started the …
8:58 PM Changeset [626] by price
web/info: recognize new error message for off VMs
8:49 PM Changeset [625] by price
remote: proxy control requests on running VMs to right host
8:49 PM Changeset [624] by price
clean up sipb-xen-remote-proxy dispatch logic
7:56 PM Changeset [623] by price
note host in listvms
7:33 PM Changeset [622] by price
not worth defining an exception class for one invocation site
7:19 PM Changeset [621] by geofft
two small prettifications
7:16 PM Changeset [620] by price
make sipb-xen-remote-proxy a bit less obscure
7:08 PM Changeset [619] by price
we renamed 'web vmboot' to 'control .. create' long ago
6:43 PM Changeset [618] by geofft
Apply a background color to every other VM, and move the power button …
6:42 PM Changeset [617] by price
update vim's idea of indentation per r561
6:41 PM Changeset [616] by price
sx-remote-listvms: someone's uncommitted changes
6:38 PM Changeset [615] by price
provide help on 'remctl remote help help' etc
6:25 PM Changeset [614] by price
sleep, as a testing stub in remote
5:39 PM Ticket #106 (console server work for all hosts) created by price
A piece of #74.
5:38 PM Ticket #105 (send "create" remctls to a host chosen by load) created by price
A piece of #74.
5:37 PM Ticket #104 (send "control" remctls to any host) created by price
A piece of #74.
4:35 PM Changeset [613] by ecprice
Clear SQL cache on each request.
4:05 PM Ticket #99 (Use safe and fast serialization format for remctl listvms) closed by ecprice
fixed: We've used C yaml since r563.
4:03 PM Ticket #103 (Got ugly traceback when deleting VM) closed by ecprice
fixed: Probably fixed in r589.

Jun 18, 2008:

4:05 AM Ticket #81 (Add a free-text description/status field associated with each VM) closed by andersk
3:56 AM Changeset [612] by andersk
Oops, reenable error mail.
3:53 AM Changeset [611] by andersk
Tag 10.12 of sipb-xen-database
3:53 AM Changeset [610] by andersk
Bump sipb-xen-database version.
3:50 AM Changeset [609] by andersk
Add a description field.

Jun 16, 2008:

11:05 PM Changeset [608] by geofft
Rephrase the five paragraphs of price..er..prose
4:08 AM Changeset [607] by andersk
404 errors are not email-worthy.

Jun 15, 2008:

11:26 PM Changeset [606] by price
long timeouts in FastCGI, so the autoinstaller can work
9:51 PM Changeset [605] by price
depend on mod_fcgid
3:12 AM Changeset [604] by broder
Stop trying to serve the favico from the webapp, and other people's …

Jun 13, 2008:

4:10 AM Changeset [603] by price
small code cleanups
4:03 AM Changeset [602] by price
one world, one error-reporting mechanism The email and the web page …
3:51 AM Changeset [601] by price
all details in email too, still just for CodeError?
3:42 AM Changeset [600] by price
collect all available data, in CodeError? case for now
2:58 AM Changeset [599] by price
send mail on all exceptions
2:32 AM Changeset [598] by price
send mail on non-CodeError? exceptions
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