Dec 11, 2007:

2:23 AM Changeset [252] by ecprice
Allow fully qualified domains in the NICs table to override the …
2:08 AM Changeset [251] by ecprice
Fix bug in revision 250.
2:01 AM Changeset [250] by quentin
Allow service maintainers to bump memory

Nov 27, 2007:

2:15 AM Changeset [249] by ecprice
The code to redo the acls that we made a couple weeks ago.
2:11 AM Changeset [248] by quentin
Make the profiling depend on an environment variable …
2:06 AM Changeset [247] by ecprice
Makes deleting VMs work with the access controls.

Nov 13, 2007:

8:18 PM Changeset [246] by ecprice
Revert to old list method until we start updating the cache. Fix a bug …
6:12 AM Ticket #34 (Support Windows DHCP clients) created by quentin
Windows currently doesn't accept OFFERs from the DHCP server; we …
5:10 AM Changeset [245] by price
Prototype fast installer using a special guest. Rather than poke …

Nov 12, 2007:

5:05 AM Changeset [244] by quentin
Tag 10.2 of sipb-xen-database
5:05 AM Changeset [243] by quentin
Remove unnecessary constructors Rename disk to disk_size in some (but …
4:41 AM Changeset [242] by quentin
Tag 10.1 of sipb-xen-database
4:41 AM Changeset [241] by quentin
Make sipb-xen-database-tables safer
4:29 AM Changeset [240] by ecprice
Tag 10 of sipb-xen-database
4:26 AM Changeset [239] by quentin
Update changelog
4:22 AM Changeset [238] by quentin
Add a machine_access table where access information will be cached
4:12 AM WikiStart edited by quentin
add instructions on how to build packages (diff)
4:10 AM Changeset [237] by ecprice
(update link).
4:08 AM Changeset [236] by ecprice
Move out of the templates directory.
3:53 AM Changeset [235] by ecprice
Use the compiled Cheetah templates. This means that you really need …
3:44 AM Changeset [234] by ecprice
Now ignore negative rights, rather than treat them as positive. Also, …
3:09 AM Ticket #33 (Serial console access) created by ecprice
We should have access to the serial console. One proposed solution is …
12:10 AM Ticket #3 (VNC applet doesn't handle repeated connections) closed by ecprice
fixed: Fixed in r233.
12:09 AM Changeset [233] by ecprice
Actually close the connection on disconnect, fixing #3.

Nov 11, 2007:

11:18 PM Changeset [232] by quentin
Resync get_port.py from disk.
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