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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#47 Figure out CPU usage limits defect major xen

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10 ParaVM support nelhage defect blocker database
#74 support multiple compute servers enhancement blocker other
#86 Do not run debootstrap on dom0 price defect blocker autoinstallers
#5 Get *.<something> price task critical dns
#65 paravm should have autoinstall images price enhancement critical autoinstallers
#72 Nothing indicates that administrator needs to be a group ecprice enhancement critical web
#85 back up database defect critical database
#97 Auto-update clone image price defect critical autoinstallers
#50 move DNS server off sipb-xen-dev task major other
#54 UDP checksum failure for ParaVM dhcp quentin defect major dhcp
#61 autoinstaller run image-supplied script to do frobbing price enhancement major autoinstallers
#66 ParaVM Creation and Install defect major xen
#68 Upgrade to Xen 3.2 enhancement major xen
#69 Owner and Administrator are not validated well ecprice defect major web
#78 make public-facing web page ecprice enhancement major web
#83 qemu-dm-sipb should compute ROOT for itself defect major xen
#84 error in sipb-xen-lvcopy price defect major autoinstallers
#102 document awesome remctl interface task major web
#58 autoinstaller use lvcreate --snapshot for speed price enhancement minor autoinstallers
#64 Booting 32-bit guest kernel broder defect minor xen
#80 console server ACL caching broder defect minor console server
#100 cloning autoinstaller: enforce disk-size requirement price defect minor autoinstallers
#101 autoinstaller: document root password, etc, more price enhancement minor autoinstallers

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#39 Negative ACLs are ignored ecprice defect minor web
#62 more console-use tips in help ecprice enhancement minor vnc
#71 document "workarounds for other bugs like modifier keys getting stuck or DHCP issues" ecprice defect minor web
#107 Option to hand out IP addresses from a pool quentin enhancement trivial dhcp

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#35 Set up iptables to not forward arbitrary packets to the backend ecprice defect critical other
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