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(edit) @586   16 years ecprice Fix another bug.
(edit) @585   16 years ecprice Fix another stupid bug.
(edit) @584   16 years broder More bugs
(edit) @583   16 years ecprice Make it easy to kill fcgi processes.
(edit) @582   16 years broder Attempting to close #92 and #93
(edit) @581   16 years ecprice Avoid using os.environ in wsgi.
(edit) @580   16 years ecprice Use fcgi
(edit) @579   16 years ecprice Use fcgi
(edit) @578   16 years ecprice Avoid per-request global state.
(edit) @577   16 years ecprice Fix more bugs
(edit) @576   16 years ecprice Fix a couple more bugs
(edit) @575   16 years ecprice Fix a couple bugs.
(edit) @574   16 years ecprice Undo regression CSafeLoader in r572
(edit) @573   16 years ecprice Fix stupid bug
(edit) @572   16 years ecprice Put validation behind more abstraction.
(edit) @569   16 years price apply GPL v2-or-later This is the lazy part, just the COPYING file. …
(edit) @568   16 years price remove zev's code for lack of a license
(edit) @567   16 years price note vmctl as license exception
(edit) @566   16 years ecprice Use owner's quota on info page, not user's quota.
(edit) @565   16 years ecprice can_clone was negated in r554
(edit) @564   16 years andersk s/CDumper/CSafeDumper/, because it's "Safe"?
(edit) @563   16 years andersk TURBOYAML!!1
(edit) @562   16 years andersk Use default version of python (currently 2.4), not 2.5.
(edit) @561   16 years ecprice Style adjustments (4-space indentation, no spaces inside parens).
(edit) @559   16 years price spelling
(edit) @558   16 years andersk Open remctl pipes in parallel.
(edit) @556   16 years ecprice Actually increment the version number.
(edit) @555   16 years ecprice Perform eager caching of machine properties.
(edit) @554   16 years ecprice Avoid a second remctl to determine whether ice3 is up
(edit) @553   16 years quentin Support YAML (default), JSON, and Pickle formats, depending on the …
(edit) @552   16 years broder And round 3 of using YAML
(edit) @551   16 years broder Use YAML on listvms
(edit) @550   16 years broder Switch to using YAML on the web interface for listvms
(edit) @549   16 years y_z before migrating to yaml; things seem to be working, --pickle supported
(edit) @547   16 years andersk s/unstable/intrepid/
(edit) @545   16 years andersk Switch to current config-packages-dev API.
(edit) @544   16 years andersk Divert /etc/chrony/chrony.conf, not /etc/chrony.conf.
(edit) @543   16 years broder Are we xvm now? Really? Make it so
(edit) @542   16 years broder Change sipb-xen-lvcopy so that it fails if you try to clone anything …
(edit) @541   16 years broder Return an NS record in the authority section instead of SOA
(edit) @540   16 years broder Disable image cloning when ice3 is booted - this should work as a …
(edit) @539   16 years mitchb Fix help popup links on individual server info pages, and from the …
(edit) @538   16 years y_z added sipb-xen-remote-listvms to aggregate results from multiple vm servers
(edit) @537   16 years ecprice Fix jis's bug
(edit) @536   16 years ecprice Prettier help titles
(edit) @535   16 years ecprice Use joins, new
(edit) @533   16 years quentin Compute uptime on the server so time drift doesn't cause problems
(edit) @531   16 years quentin Use more efficient python API to get VM information
(edit) @529   16 years ecprice Increment version
(edit) @528   16 years ecprice Work around bug in Python subprocess for remctl
(edit) @527   16 years neboat More work on debootstrap-commands. Now can successfully create moo19 …
(edit) @526   16 years price make web hostname canonicalize as xvm, not sipb-xen-dev
(edit) @525   16 years price init script for remconffs
(edit) @524   16 years price switch to just accepting from remote
(edit) @523   16 years price remove {,un,move}register commands in remote server
(edit) @522   16 years price use remote in web interface
(edit) @521   16 years price changelog
(edit) @520   16 years price make remctl use remconffs
(edit) @519   16 years price remconffs: cat conf-files together
(edit) @518   16 years price first version of remctl-conf fuse fs Heavily borrows from consolefs, …
(edit) @517   16 years price more on front page (actually from this afternoon)
(edit) @516   16 years ecprice Default type in info page
(edit) @515   16 years ecprice Set the default vm type
(edit) @514   16 years price front page: link to source repo
(edit) @513   16 years broder Fix the SVN server to point to the new AFS mountpoint
(edit) @512   16 years price stop showing "Reserved machine name" as an option to users
(edit) @511   16 years price Apache config to allow that front page Review of this patch is …
(edit) @510   16 years price front page for non-MIT users (and other unath'd)
(edit) @509   16 years price check in (part of?) the Apache config
(edit) @508   16 years ecprice CNAME to
(edit) @507   16 years ecprice Use on the website.
(edit) @506   16 years broder Start using for DHCP
(edit) @505   16 years ecprice Support as well.
(edit) @503   16 years broder Fix multipath-tools' broken udev rule
(edit) @502   16 years price first version of remote-server package
(edit) @501   16 years price remove obsolete vmboot line from remctl config
(edit) @500   16 years andersk losetup -f finds an unused loop device.
(edit) @498   16 years price changelog
(edit) @497   16 years price update k5login to black-mesa's current
(edit) @496   16 years neboat xen-create-image frobbing for deboostrap-commands
(edit) @495   16 years neboat Started modifying deboostrap-commands to use xen-create-image
(edit) @494   16 years price Eric's and my debootstrap work from the hackathon
(edit) @492   16 years andersk Don't rely on exported $ROOT.
(edit) @490   16 years quentin Configure serial console on boot
(edit) @488   16 years price include
(edit) @485   16 years price changelogs Becoming a responsible debian-packaging developer now that …
(edit) @484   16 years price update sx-make-iso to black-mesa's version The modtime on black-mesa …
(edit) @483   16 years broder Eh. There's a better way that we could eventually script to
(edit) @482   16 years quentin Change krb5 realm correctly
(edit) @481   16 years price steps for installing Kerberos Actually package these later.
(edit) @479   16 years broder *sigh* One of these days, I should learn to proofread my work
(edit) @477   16 years quentin Make LVM actually use clvm.
(edit) @476   16 years broder Fixing a broken package build
(edit) @473   16 years broder Added clvm-config package and made sipb-xen-host-master depend on it
(edit) @471   16 years price changelog
(edit) @470   16 years price use reprepro more correctly
(edit) @469   16 years price another installation step: reboot
(edit) @468   16 years quentin First cut of cluster instructions
(edit) @466   16 years price streamline usage of sx-build-release
(edit) @464   16 years price some cleanup of sx-build-release
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