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(edit) @2332   15 years andersk Add third/openafs to git-migration.
(edit) @2330   15 years broder In invirt-autoinstaller: * For Jaunty systems, edit …
(edit) @2328   15 years broder Whoops - I'm an idiot and reversed the argument order of ln.
(edit) @2327   15 years broder In invirt-autoinstaller: * Create xen-tools symlinks for installing …
(edit) @2325   15 years broder Update the setup-grub hook in the autoinstaller to work with pv_ops …
(edit) @2324   15 years price reorganize git-hooks Also chmod +x. We'll find out if git-svn is …
(edit) @2323   15 years price stub git hooks: for now, they zephyr
(edit) @2322   15 years price xen-ips: silently ignore already-present IPs Also from the first …
(edit) @2321   15 years price pv-fixup, lvmanip: last tweaks This is from the very beginning of …
(edit) @2320   15 years broder In invirt-dev: * When building an architecture: any package, pass …
(edit) @2319   15 years broder Pass --arch-all to one of the builds for non-arch-all packages.
(edit) @2316   15 years broder Invirtify openafs to include the pts -encrypt patch.
(edit) @2314   15 years broder In invirt-console: * Don't allow any sort of port forwarding to the …
(edit) @2313   15 years broder Add a quash for the invirtification tag I screwed up.
(edit) @2310   15 years broder For the git migration, one repository per invertified package, and …
(edit) @2306   15 years broder Add rules to include invirtified packages in the git migration.
(edit) @2304   15 years broder In invirt-base: * Add the invirt-system component to the sources.list.
(edit) @2302   15 years broder In invirt-dev: * Add a UDebComponents definition so that we can …
(edit) @2301   15 years broder First attempt at invirtifying ssh. This patch will set …
(edit) @2300   15 years broder Make a bunch of other changes to the invirtificator: - Don't require …
(edit) @2298   15 years broder In invirt-dev: * Add a invirt-system component for invirtified packages.
(edit) @2297   15 years broder Tear out anything that says "Debathena" and replace it with "Invirt"
(edit) @2296   15 years broder Import the debathenificator as the invirtificator. We'll figure out …
(edit) @2295   15 years broder When creating a new VM, create the disks in the try/except block so …
(edit) @2294   15 years broder Add the dev servers to the osx-update script.
(edit) @2293   15 years broder Fix a potential quota hole from cross-realm Hesiod entries.
(edit) @2292   15 years broder I totally failed to patch invirt-remote-/server/ instead of …
(edit) @2289   15 years broder In invirt-remote: * availability takes way too long to type.
(edit) @2287   15 years quentin Monitor howmany processes are currently wiping an LV
(edit) @2286   15 years broder In invirt-remote: * ionice the dd to wipe out deleted LVs so it …
(edit) @2285   15 years quentin Update scripts for extracting LVM data
(edit) @2283   15 years broder In xvm-mail-config: * Add a few more options to to deal with …
(edit) @2279   15 years broder Use the new mail.forward config entry in xvm-mail-config when relaying …
(edit) @2278   15 years broder Add a entry in xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig for who …
(edit) @2277   15 years andersk More scripts for git-migration?
(edit) @2276   15 years price outage-mail: send xvm@ just one message for the whole batch
(edit) @2275   15 years price outage-mail: make subject line an option
(edit) @2274   15 years price lvmanip: handle second-segment failures
(edit) @2273   15 years price lvmanip tweaks
(edit) @2272   15 years price pv-fixup: more metadata, align PEs, and tweaks
(edit) @2271   15 years quentin LV manipulation shell functions
(edit) @2270   15 years iannucci LVM metadata reader script in lvm-backup-reader
(edit) @2269   15 years quentin Don't delete old LVM archives
(edit) @2268   15 years price tweaks to pv-fixup
(edit) @2266   15 years price pv-fixup: update for non-clustered operation
(edit) @2264   15 years broder In invirt-remote: * Print errors to stderr on nocreate and nolvm so …
(edit) @2262   15 years quentin Update changelog
(edit) @2261   15 years quentin Make invirt-update-vnc-cert more robust to failure
(edit) @2259   15 years broder I'm an idiot - fix a typo in the new xvm-db-backup.
(edit) @2257   15 years price tweak new xvm-db-backup filename format
(edit) @2256   15 years price accept /etc/invirt/{nolvm,nocreate} on remote-server
(edit) @2255   15 years price invirt-remote: enumerate all the subcommands on proxy server
(edit) @2254   15 years broder Make the directories used by xvm-db-backup a little more manageable.
(edit) @2253   15 years price pv-fixup: tweaks
(edit) @2252   15 years price make outage-mail fully reusable
(edit) @2251   15 years price outage-mail: small improvements, mostly update for tonight's outage
(edit) @2250   15 years price import Evan's outage-mail script
(edit) @2248   15 years quentin Be more cautious about removing munin plugins
(edit) @2247   15 years quentin Remove smart monitoring for Equallogic RAID devices
(edit) @2245   15 years broder Include a CDROM drive in listvms if there is one.
(edit) @2244   15 years broder LP #216761 has been fixed on Hardy, so we don't need to work around it.
(edit) @2242   15 years broder No really. I don't want mail from dev. Ever.
(edit) @2241   15 years price touch up pv-fixup 'script' some more
(edit) @2240   15 years price touch up pv-fixup 'script' - remove commented code - update values …
(edit) @2239   15 years price script for the PV metadatasize fix
(edit) @2238   15 years broder Power off VMs after a Javascript popup.
(edit) @2237   15 years broder Don't loop infinitely if options are misspelled (or invalid).
(edit) @2236   15 years andersk broder: “I give up. I'll let Anders fix it”
(edit) @2234   15 years broder Allow anyone on the adminacl to issue web remctls.
(edit) @2232   15 years broder Use the slightly more restrictive xvm-dev instead of xvm for the dev …
(edit) @2231   15 years broder Don't bork of there is no main.fcgi.
(edit) @2227   15 years broder Add a changelog entry for the cache_acls change.
(edit) @2226   15 years price Don't use a SA 0.5ism
(edit) @2225   15 years broder Don't forget to export the new admin-related variables.
(edit) @2223   15 years broder Start tracking the membership of the adminacl setting in the admins table.
(edit) @2222   15 years broder Add admins table.
(edit) @2221   15 years broder Add Edward and Peter to the git migration authors file.
(edit) @2219   15 years broder Punt remains from git-svn migration.
(edit) @2218   15 years broder Merge invirt-database-server into invirt-database. I...think this …
(edit) @2217   15 years broder Use the newly globalized adminacl instead of the old web.adminacl.
(edit) @2216   15 years broder In xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig: * Make adminacl a global …
(edit) @2213   15 years quentin Fix get*Quotas
(edit) @2211   15 years quentin Add "reusable" column for nics, to avoid reusing addresses that are …
(edit) @2210   15 years price changelog
(edit) @2209   15 years price pull out dns.IN, comment the structure of the DNS logic
(edit) @2208   15 years price refactor DNS logic; fix some bugs in reverse-resolution Namely, stop …
(edit) @2207   15 years price fix a comment
(edit) @2205   15 years quentin Add to the list of domains we are authoritative for
(edit) @2202   15 years price trivial fix
(edit) @2201   15 years quentin Answer all PTR requests, even if we otherwise wouldn't be authoritative
(edit) @2200   15 years price fix more imports EIBTI-style
(edit) @2199   15 years price invirt-quota: more style fixes
(edit) @2198   15 years price invirt-quota: fix imports EIBTI-style also needn't call int() on …
(edit) @2197   15 years quentin Reverse-resolution support in invirt-dns
(edit) @2196   15 years iannucci useful invirt-test-build and invirt-test-install scripts.
(edit) @2195   15 years quentin Act authoritative for
(edit) @2194   15 years price invirt-quota: refactor; print full help
(edit) @2193   15 years iannucci cosmetic change
(edit) @2192   15 years price fold FormattableRecord?, NullableRecord? into Record also shorten types …
(edit) @2191   15 years price small fixes to Record
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