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(edit) @220   17 years quentin Uhh, use SSL…
(edit) @219   17 years quentin Use non-auth port 446 to load the VNC applet, so the user doesn't see …
(edit) @218   17 years price Use temp directory, use DHCP, and live in sane paths. The partial/ …
(edit) @217   17 years tabbott have the web interface ACL file in the repository
(edit) @216   17 years quentin Use daemon/ and don't give user fake auth token in an …
(edit) @215   17 years andersk Since we're using the stock sid sources backported to etch now, I'm …
(edit) @213   17 years andersk Depend on generic metapackages/provides instead of particular versions.
(edit) @212   17 years tabbott don't reboot machine when create a running VM.
(edit) @211   17 years andersk Use standard units.
(edit) @210   17 years andersk The CSS interferes with the height=100% on the VNC applet. (Also, I …
(edit) @209   17 years ecprice Split in four.
(edit) @208   17 years ecprice These shouldn't be here (since they're compiled, and compile …
(edit) @207   17 years ecprice Removed the Javascript, since I realized that - The way it was was …
(edit) @206   17 years ecprice (Forget to make this to test it)
(edit) @205   17 years ecprice A monster checkin, with a variety of changes to the web …
(edit) @204   17 years ecprice Add repr.
(edit) @203   17 years ecprice Fix to admin
(edit) @202   17 years quentin Use correct dhcp options, and use SO_BINDTODEVICE to send out the …
(edit) @201   17 years price a system for building guest images on demand (partially implemented) …
(edit) @199   17 years tabbott
(edit) @198   17 years tabbott more remctl interface changes.
(edit) @197   17 years tabbott use the new remctl interface
(edit) @196   17 years tabbott more updates to remctl code. Now "reboot" on the web interface will …
(edit) @195   17 years tabbott restructuring of remctl code and interface
(edit) @192   17 years ecprice Bigger applet
(edit) @191   17 years quentin Pass the correct parameters for configuration (gateway, DNS, etc.)
(edit) @190   17 years root Bugfixes to make it run
(edit) @189   17 years quentin Initial checkin of a DHCP server (untested)
(edit) @188   17 years ecprice bugfix
(edit) @187   17 years ecprice Help, admin, links at the top.
(edit) @186   17 years ecprice Remove the MAC address from the summary page.
(edit) @185   17 years ecprice And another one.
(edit) @184   17 years ecprice Make link relative, not absolute.
(edit) @183   17 years ecprice Not clear that should be in the repository, though.
(edit) @182   17 years ecprice Create a static/ directory
(edit) @181   17 years ecprice DNS server!
(edit) @180   17 years ecprice Bug fix.
(edit) @179   17 years ecprice Leave open the option of administrator acls.
(edit) @178   17 years tabbott Add CSS!
(edit) @177   17 years ecprice Several modifications.
(edit) @176   17 years ecprice Another bare except removed.
(edit) @175   17 years ecprice Fix errors on lvresize to equal or smaller value.
(edit) @174   17 years ecprice Actually suppress the error, without suppressing code errors.
(edit) @172   17 years ecprice No changes.
(edit) @170   17 years ecprice Increment version number.
(edit) @168   17 years ecprice Allow administrators.
(edit) @167   17 years ecprice don't display uptime, cputime when machine is off.
(edit) @166   17 years ecprice Machine name cannot be changed while the machine is running without …
(edit) @165   17 years ecprice Make not modifying the disks work.
(edit) @164   17 years ecprice fix invalid input exception, and let you "change" machine to it's own name
(edit) @163   17 years ecprice minor bugfix, and check not reusing names.
(edit) @162   17 years ecprice No longer force user_ at start of machine name on machine creation. …
(edit) @161   17 years ecprice Add support for (A) modifying VM names, memory, disksize (B) …
(edit) @160   17 years tabbott actually don't check for errors
(edit) @159   17 years ecprice Don't fail to delete the VM because it wasn't running
(edit) @158   17 years ecprice destroy machines before trying to delete them.
(edit) @157   17 years ecprice Bugfixes.
(edit) @156   17 years tabbott Make lvcreate-all work.
(edit) @155   17 years tabbott fix bug in the lvcreate-all script.
(edit) @154   17 years ecprice bugfix
(edit) @153   17 years ecprice Improve the error infrastructure. Hopefully this works; I haven't …
(edit) @152   17 years ecprice Store a little global state to avoid an extra remctls.
(edit) @151   17 years andersk Bump version.
(edit) @150   17 years ecprice Another bugfix.
(edit) @149   17 years ecprice Tim, please run python on your code to verify that it parses properly.
(edit) @148   17 years ecprice Changed version numbers.
(edit) @147   17 years ecprice For new naming scheme.
(edit) @146   17 years tabbott 1) reworking of lvm stuff into a single python script rather than a …
(edit) @145   17 years ecprice Documentation + cleaning up a little.
(edit) @144   17 years ecprice More updates.
(edit) @143   17 years quentin SSL support for VNC proxy
(edit) @142   17 years tabbott throw error when disk creation fails
(edit) @141   17 years tabbott More web interface support code.
(edit) @140   17 years ecprice Python 2.4 support
(edit) @139   17 years ecprice Help!
(edit) @138   17 years ecprice ParaVM on list
(edit) @137   17 years ecprice Machine -> type relation
(edit) @136   17 years ecprice HVM/ParaVM
(edit) @135   17 years ecprice More stuff.
(edit) @134   17 years ecprice Moo!
(edit) @133   17 years ecprice Update
(edit) @132   17 years tabbott remctl support for renaming machines
(edit) @131   17 years ecprice DNS (* from database)
(edit) @130   17 years tabbott more support for web interface fixes
(edit) @129   17 years tabbott more remctl support for web interface
(edit) @128   17 years quentin Added control and alt checkboxes, for ease of typing modifier sequences
(edit) @127   17 years tabbott more web interface updates
(edit) @126   17 years tabbott fixed to work with web interface.
(edit) @125   17 years quentin Correctly verify authentication tokens, and disable backdoor
(edit) @124   17 years tabbott machine_name is the argument to the database
(edit) @123   17 years tabbott Moved the lvcreate thing to /usr/sbin.
(edit) @122   17 years tabbott Add another remctl command for webland.
(edit) @121   17 years tabbott Move things around and add web interface support code.
(edit) @120   17 years quentin Don't store unnecessary info in the token
(edit) @119   17 years ecprice More work.
(edit) @118   17 years quentin Generate real authentication tokens
(edit) @117   17 years ecprice exit is defined elsewhere, so we use sys.exit.
(edit) @116   17 years andersk Actually import re.
(edit) @115   17 years ecprice VNC server commit.
(edit) @114   17 years andersk import re.
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