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(edit) @1743   15 years broder Steal debathena-pyhesiodfs's ideas for invirt-remote-server, too
(edit) @1742   15 years broder Switch to using std-init in invirt-console-server
(edit) @1741   15 years broder Clean up the invirt-console-server init script with some ideas from …
(edit) @1740   15 years broder Punt more tabs I bet I wrote this with tabs, too. *sigh*
(edit) @1739   15 years broder Gutsy? Why are we defaulting to Gutsy?
(edit) @1738   15 years price select para/hvm when radio buttons for autoinstall/boot cd are chosen, …
(edit) @1737   15 years price add wiki and console-server links to ParaVM/HVM help text
(edit) @1736   15 years price update ParaVM/HVM help text
(edit) @1728   15 years quentin Switched from caching ORM to direct database queries; now uncached …
(edit) @1727   15 years broder Add a dependency on apticron for all servers
(edit) @1726   15 years broder Switch from tabs to spaces
(edit) @1725   15 years broder Add cron dependencies for packages that should have it
(edit) @1724   15 years broder Update remctl help with new reboot mechanism
(edit) @1723   15 years broder Use xm reboot instead of a destroy and create to reboot VMs
(edit) @1722   15 years broder Install Debian and Ubuntu kernels without checking to see what the VM …
(edit) @1721   16 years broder Move the autoinstaller disabling code to a more useful location (i.e. …
(edit) @1719   16 years broder Install the right kernel on both Debian and Ubuntu - both 32 and 64 bit
(edit) @1718   16 years price include a return address in error mail requires this.
(edit) @1716   16 years broder I know this is the wrong answer, but doing lvchange -a n twice before …
(edit) @1714   16 years broder Turn on lazy loading for all tables
(edit) @1713   16 years price remove an erroneous comment and some needless ones
(edit) @1711   16 years broder Write out the list of running VMs to AFS as well as the database backup
(edit) @1709   16 years broder Default to a NULL administrator, instead of the same as the owner
(edit) @1708   16 years broder Don't require administrator to be non-null
(edit) @1707   16 years broder Tweak the language a bit
(edit) @1706   16 years price correct reason why you can't walk into a fresh autoinstall by ssh
(edit) @1705   16 years price rename autoinstaller help topic
(edit) @1704   16 years price document autoinstaller
(edit) @1701   16 years broder Now that remconffs is doing real caching, cache for less time
(edit) @1700   16 years broder Now that consolefs is really caching, cache for a shorter period of time
(edit) @1699   16 years broder Add real caching to consolefs, too
(edit) @1697   16 years broder Add real caching to remconffs
(edit) @1695   16 years broder Use the newly added architecture field in the website
(edit) @1694   16 years broder Add an architecture field to the autoinstaller table
(edit) @1693   16 years broder Switch to HVM if user selects a CD, and ParaVM if user selects an …
(edit) @1692   16 years broder Don't error out if killing the fcgi processes fails This was causing …
(edit) @1690   16 years broder Whoops - forgot to drop an option to k5start
(edit) @1688   16 years broder Use daemon/$HOSTNAME instead of the first principal in the invirt …
(edit) @1686   16 years broder Use explicit paths for the xvm-mail-relay script
(edit) @1684   16 years broder Use the correct name for the mail relay script
(edit) @1683   16 years price apparently it's three minutes now
(edit) @1682   16 years broder Add a commented out line to disable the autoinstaller
(edit) @1680   16 years broder Choose what kernel to use for the autoinstaller based on what dom0 is …
(edit) @1678   16 years broder Remove a stray dot from the config
(edit) @1675   16 years broder The trac URI doesn't want to have a trailing slash
(edit) @1674   16 years broder Fix all kinds of problems with that last version of invirt-web
(edit) @1671   16 years broder Support building multiple packages in sequence with invirt-build-release
(edit) @1669   16 years broder Set the trac URL to redirect off-site
(edit) @1668   16 years broder Move trac to scripts
(edit) @1667   16 years broder Punt some debug spew from the website
(edit) @1665   16 years broder Add a "help" remctl for the control type
(edit) @1664   16 years price fix our name in COPYING
(edit) @1663   16 years price update config.todo
(edit) @1662   16 years broder The script we finally used to do the actual migration
(edit) @1661   16 years price merge about.html's remaining caveats into unauth front page
(edit) @1660   16 years price fix a typo in new dev config
(edit) @1657   16 years broder Whoops - put the backup in the right directory
(edit) @1656   16 years broder Add xvm-db-backup package
(edit) @1655   16 years broder We don't call ourselves that anymore
(edit) @1653   16 years broder Change the webacl to xvm-root
(edit) @1652   16 years broder And update some of our information to reflect new features
(edit) @1651   16 years broder We're no longer an alpha service
(edit) @1650   16 years broder Choose a host based on the maximum possible free memory, not the …
(edit) @1646   16 years broder Update apt sources list for prod
(edit) @1645   16 years broder Reconfigure dev as dev
(edit) @1644   16 years broder I still want to see all VMs, even the ones without an ACL
(edit) @1643   16 years broder Reconfigure prod as the production cluster!
(edit) @1642   16 years broder Add (crude) support for SPNEGO in the web interface
(edit) @1640   16 years broder Whoops - make the autoinstaller frob slightly more clever
(edit) @1637   16 years broder Add a hook to invirt-autoinstaller to turn off checksumming in the guest
(edit) @1636   16 years broder Pass the front-end interface to vif-invirtroute
(edit) @1635   16 years broder Set the maximum memory to a really high number so we can bump it later
(edit) @1634   16 years broder Use the right hostname for the console server
(edit) @1633   16 years broder Cancel the migration if there's an error in the middle
(edit) @1632   16 years broder Fault tolerance is a good thing - add some to the migration script
(edit) @1631   16 years broder Some quick touch-ups in Yang's quoting code - and a changelog entry
(edit) @1630   16 years broder Remove another reference to the no-longer-used vmboot remctl
(edit) @1629   16 years price make xvm-migrate-machine directly executable
(edit) @1628   16 years broder Take out do-not-run line - the script works, at least for a simple case
(edit) @1627   16 years broder Print out some debugging info about the VM getting migrated - just in case
(edit) @1626   16 years broder Make the xvm-migration-script actually do everything it needs to
(edit) @1624   16 years broder List all machines in admin mode, even if you can't do anything
(edit) @1623   16 years broder Fix another typo - this one in invirt.common
(edit) @1621   16 years broder Fix a missing import in the invirt.remctl code
(edit) @1620   16 years broder Fix typo in xvm-migrate-machine
(edit) @1619   16 years broder Another oversight in the web remctl code
(edit) @1618   16 years broder Fix 2 typos in the web code
(edit) @1615   16 years broder Pull the vnctoken remctl into the controls module
(edit) @1614   16 years broder Actually generalize the invirt.remctl module
(edit) @1613   16 years broder Move the remctl code into invirt.remctl
(edit) @1612   16 years broder Move CodeError? and InvalidInput? into invirt.common
(edit) @1611   16 years broder Eliminate the need for a deep copy of database objects during the …
(edit) @1610   16 years broder Actually get the password fields right in invirt-console-server's …
(edit) @1609   16 years price invirt-reload should force-reload, not just reload
(edit) @1608   16 years price fix changelog; the dangers of letting humans do things Also, the …
(edit) @1606   16 years broder Don't suggest that the password for users should be in non-existant …
(edit) @1605   16 years broder Document unpackaged customizations to an XVM host
(edit) @1603   16 years broder Fix xvm-mail-config so it actually relays mail to us
(edit) @1601   16 years broder Return the right output from remctls when doing a "broadcast"
(edit) @1598   16 years broder Don't fail to execute remctls if a single server is down
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