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(edit) @1218   15 years broder Move invirt-reload to /usr/sbin in sipb-xen-base
(edit) @1216   15 years price shorten sipb-xen-database-server initscript too
(edit) @1215   15 years price shorten sipb-xen-www initscript with new library
(edit) @1212   15 years price use new initscript library in invirt-console-host
(edit) @1211   15 years price factor out common initscript code
(edit) @1209   15 years broder Add the appropriate build-deps to sipb-xen-base so it'll actually build
(edit) @1208   15 years broder Small fix in the code to parse the debian/control and debian/changelog …
(edit) @1207   15 years broder Update sipb-xen-base's debian/control to match Debian Python Policy
(edit) @1206   15 years broder Switch sipb-xen-base to build using a script
(edit) @1205   15 years price fix our copyright files E.g., this is free software.
(edit) @1201   15 years price rename invirt-console-server directory too
(edit) @1200   15 years price sipb-xen-console -> invirt-console-server
(edit) @1198   15 years price fix old bug in invirt-console-host initscript Also simplify …
(edit) @1197   15 years broder Now that we're using Python 2.5, we can actually write with statements
(edit) @1193   15 years broder Remove sipb-xen-python-pydhcplib; it's not directly needed for an XVM …
(edit) @1192   15 years broder Change sipb-xen-dhcp to reflect new name of python-pydhcplib
(edit) @1191   15 years broder Strip the sipb-xen prefix from packages we didn't write
(edit) @1187   15 years price sipb-xen-console-server -> invirt-console-host
(edit) @1184   15 years price sipb-xen -> invirt for dns
(edit) @1182   15 years price fix syntax in acl/web template
(edit) @1181   15 years price actually configurize acl/web in invirt-remote-server
(edit) @1180   15 years price configurize acl/web in invirt-remote-server
(edit) @1179   15 years price oops, update control from
(edit) @1176   15 years price sipb-xen -> invirt for remote-server
(edit) @1174   15 years price yet another new-sqlalchemy fix, this one post-0.4.2; grr
(edit) @1172   15 years broder Fix a typo where sx-build-release didn't upload the source package
(edit) @1170   15 years broder Update sx-build-release and reprepro-env to work with sbuild instead …
(edit) @1169   15 years broder Make the admin mode work - fix a SQLAlchemy 0.4-ism
(edit) @1167   15 years broder Fix sipb-xen-vmcontrol to know about the new magic error code
(edit) @1164   15 years broder Implement the newly chosen error code on the host for the case of an …
(edit) @1163   15 years broder There's a race condition for if the VM gets powered off between the …
(edit) @1161   15 years broder Fix Nelson's other request - make both "list-host" and "listhost" …
(edit) @1159   15 years broder In response to Nelson's bug report, actually give a useful error if a …
(edit) @1157   15 years price name the web admin ACL more descriptively as system:xvm-webacl
(edit) @1156   15 years broder Switch xen-ips to using the new SQLAlchemy API I swear I've written …
(edit) @1155   15 years broder Revert r1154 and instead apply the patch in cache_acls so that an …
(edit) @1154   15 years broder If the ACL for a locker isn't accessible, assume it's empty (closes #82)
(edit) @1152   15 years broder Catch calls to restart Postgres and translate them into a sequential …
(edit) @1149   15 years broder Fix DHCP checksum error for ParaVMs
(edit) @1148   15 years price start udev in guest autoinstaller also change 'noinstall' to …
(edit) @1147   15 years price autoinstaller: hide misleading harmless dmsetup error message
(edit) @1145   15 years broder Limit the number of secrets: use /etc/invirt/keytab instead of a …
(edit) @1143   15 years broder console and remote's IP addresses changed, too
(edit) @1141   15 years broder Move the remote and console servers to more sensible hostnames
(edit) @1140   15 years broder Don't try to boot up the machine if we're running the autoinstaller
(edit) @1138   15 years broder Change the web admin ACL to use null instances instead of root …
(edit) @1136   15 years broder invirt.database.clear_cache should actually do something
(edit) @1134   15 years broder Whoops - was slightly too vicious with the cuts to qemu-dm-sipb
(edit) @1132   15 years broder Remove bridge specification from sipb-database
(edit) @1130   15 years broder Fix networking for HVM guests
(edit) @1128   15 years broder Correctly pass the CD image onto xm create in sipb-xen-remctl-auto
(edit) @1126   15 years broder Fix a typo in sipb-database's CDROM image path
(edit) @1124   15 years broder Run xen-create-image with --verbose so you get useful output
(edit) @1121   15 years broder Add a dummy console for the console server's conserver in case no VMs …
(edit) @1120   15 years broder Add a dummy console for the host conservers in case no VMs are running
(edit) @1118   15 years broder Don't run conserver as root - give it sudo abilities
(edit) @1116   15 years broder Run conserver as root on hosts so it can run xm console
(edit) @1114   15 years broder No really - correctly divert in …
(edit) @1112   15 years broder Correctly divert in sipb-xen-console-server
(edit) @1110   15 years broder Quote asterisks in prodconfig, beacuse they're special in YAML
(edit) @1108   15 years broder Update xvm-prodconfig to use
(edit) @1107   15 years ecprice Changed location for pygrub
(edit) @1105   15 years broder Add the Anders invoke for dealing with kernel command line quoting in …
(edit) @1104   15 years price fix dumb textual mistakes in sipb-xen-database-server initscript
(edit) @1103   15 years price use wildcard for config.web.errormail_exclude Once prod is really …
(edit) @1101   15 years broder Fix a typo in the CDROM lookup in sipb-database
(edit) @1098   15 years broder Don't strip quotes in sipb-database that won't be there
(edit) @1097   15 years broder Correctly quote arguments to the installer in sipb-xen-vmcontrol
(edit) @1096   15 years broder Configure the website to use the new autoinstaller code
(edit) @1095   15 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemy bug in the web ACL caching code
(edit) @1091   15 years broder Update the sipb-database script to match the remctl interface
(edit) @1090   15 years broder Look for CD images in /dev/xenvg/image_* and validate them against the …
(edit) @1089   15 years broder Respond to remctl install requests by passing the options onto Xen
(edit) @1088   15 years broder Expose an interface to the autoinstaller over remctl and validate options
(edit) @1087   15 years price record a configurization todo in sipb-xen-dom0 This is pointed out in …
(edit) @1085   15 years broder Apply Sam's fix to vif-sipbroute from shadow-moses
(edit) @1083   15 years broder Skip kpartx call when running autoinstaller on physical devices
(edit) @1079   15 years broder Some fixes in the sipb-database Xen config script
(edit) @1078   15 years broder Update sipb-xen-autoinstaller-guest with dependencies for Hardy
(edit) @1077   15 years broder Update qemu-dm-sipb to reflect the new location of qemu-dm
(edit) @1075   15 years broder In remctl-auto's init script, exit 0 if inetd is already running
(edit) @1074   15 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemyism in the web code
(edit) @1072   15 years broder Update nss-pgsql.conf.mako to reflect new (more sane) config file format
(edit) @1070   15 years broder Move the console server to
(edit) @1068   15 years broder nscd.conf was getting generated wrong. Fix it Also known as "why I …
(edit) @1066   15 years broder Explicitly lock an LV before trying to delete it
(edit) @1064   15 years broder Make ConsoleFS RouteFS-based
(edit) @1062   15 years broder Update config files to work with Hardy Switch them to use …
(edit) @1060   15 years broder Apparently 100003 isn't a real port - fixing the vnc config
(edit) @1056   15 years broder Add the necessary vnc config section for sipb-xen-iptables
(edit) @1055   15 years broder invirt-configurize sipb-xen-iptables
(edit) @1053   15 years broder Don't sign packages when built with sx-build-release
(edit) @1051   15 years broder Actually stop Apache on shutdown
(edit) @1049   15 years broder Be sure to clean up sipb-xen-www when it's uninstalled
(edit) @1047   15 years broder Turns out sipb-xen-www's init script was the problem, not apache's. …
(edit) @1045   15 years broder Attempt to get Apache and OpenAFS to start in the right order
(edit) @1042   15 years broder Remove the hack to reconnect to the database if it goes away
(edit) @1041   15 years broder Re-establish the database connection if the server goes AWOL
(edit) @1039   15 years broder Ok - that didn't work. Explicitly specify Python 2.5, and fix the …
(edit) @1038   15 years broder Try to kill a dependency on python2.4 that was introduced
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