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(edit) @1098   16 years broder Don't strip quotes in sipb-database that won't be there
(edit) @1097   16 years broder Correctly quote arguments to the installer in sipb-xen-vmcontrol
(edit) @1096   16 years broder Configure the website to use the new autoinstaller code
(edit) @1095   16 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemy bug in the web ACL caching code
(edit) @1091   16 years broder Update the sipb-database script to match the remctl interface
(edit) @1090   16 years broder Look for CD images in /dev/xenvg/image_* and validate them against the …
(edit) @1089   16 years broder Respond to remctl install requests by passing the options onto Xen
(edit) @1088   16 years broder Expose an interface to the autoinstaller over remctl and validate options
(edit) @1087   16 years price record a configurization todo in sipb-xen-dom0 This is pointed out in …
(edit) @1085   16 years broder Apply Sam's fix to vif-sipbroute from shadow-moses
(edit) @1083   16 years broder Skip kpartx call when running autoinstaller on physical devices
(edit) @1079   16 years broder Some fixes in the sipb-database Xen config script
(edit) @1078   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-autoinstaller-guest with dependencies for Hardy
(edit) @1077   16 years broder Update qemu-dm-sipb to reflect the new location of qemu-dm
(edit) @1075   16 years broder In remctl-auto's init script, exit 0 if inetd is already running
(edit) @1074   16 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemyism in the web code
(edit) @1072   16 years broder Update nss-pgsql.conf.mako to reflect new (more sane) config file format
(edit) @1070   16 years broder Move the console server to
(edit) @1068   16 years broder nscd.conf was getting generated wrong. Fix it Also known as "why I …
(edit) @1066   16 years broder Explicitly lock an LV before trying to delete it
(edit) @1064   16 years broder Make ConsoleFS RouteFS-based
(edit) @1062   16 years broder Update config files to work with Hardy Switch them to use …
(edit) @1060   16 years broder Apparently 100003 isn't a real port - fixing the vnc config
(edit) @1056   16 years broder Add the necessary vnc config section for sipb-xen-iptables
(edit) @1055   16 years broder invirt-configurize sipb-xen-iptables
(edit) @1053   16 years broder Don't sign packages when built with sx-build-release
(edit) @1051   16 years broder Actually stop Apache on shutdown
(edit) @1049   16 years broder Be sure to clean up sipb-xen-www when it's uninstalled
(edit) @1047   16 years broder Turns out sipb-xen-www's init script was the problem, not apache's. …
(edit) @1045   16 years broder Attempt to get Apache and OpenAFS to start in the right order
(edit) @1042   16 years broder Remove the hack to reconnect to the database if it goes away
(edit) @1041   16 years broder Re-establish the database connection if the server goes AWOL
(edit) @1039   16 years broder Ok - that didn't work. Explicitly specify Python 2.5, and fix the …
(edit) @1038   16 years broder Try to kill a dependency on python2.4 that was introduced
(edit) @1035   16 years broder Install the DHCP server through more standard means, since the DHCP …
(edit) @1034   16 years broder Use the syslog module instead of the event_logger module
(edit) @1033   16 years broder invirt-configurize sipb-xen-dhcp
(edit) @1032   16 years broder Add dhcp section to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @1030   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-vnc-server dependencies for Hardy
(edit) @1028   16 years broder Don't add another Listen 443 directive - apache gets angry
(edit) @1026   16 years broder Be sure to listen on both port 443 and 446
(edit) @1022   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-www to use the new invirt-confiscated svn.uri
(edit) @1021   16 years broder Add a svn.uri config frob
(edit) @1018   16 years broder Update SQLAlchemy code in sipb-xen-dns
(edit) @1016   16 years broder Update /etc/xen/sipb-database to work with newer SQLAlchemy and Xen
(edit) @1014   16 years broder The database wants to be not transactional, and not autoflushing
(edit) @1013   16 years broder Update web code to for SQLAlchemy 0.4
(edit) @1011   16 years broder Whoops - I should actually check code after I write it; fix the new …
(edit) @1009   16 years broder Use Hardy's Debathena
(edit) @1008   16 years broder Update sipb-xen- Update invirt.database to not be transactional by default
(edit) @1006   16 years broder Update the dns prod config to be less of a lie, at least for now
(edit) @1004   16 years broder Actually include a requirement for twisted.names
(edit) @1002   16 years broder Bring sipb-xen-dns into alignment with more standard packaging practices
(edit) @1001   16 years broder Update (at least some of) the web code to work with newer a SQLAlchemy
(edit) @999   16 years broder Add DNS to prodconfig
(edit) @998   16 years price start inetd in remctl-auto init script
(edit) @997   16 years price sipb-xen-dom0 depend on sipb-xen-base
(edit) @995   16 years price update sources.list.d file for prod and hardy
(edit) @993   16 years price add console section to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @991   16 years price more sqlalchemy-0.4 changes
(edit) @989   16 years price sipb-xen-database-server: fix init script, expand pg_hba.conf
(edit) @987   16 years broder Update master.yaml to include shadow-moses and arklay-mansion
(edit) @986   16 years broder Fix RemConfFS - add code to list acl/ and update for new SQLAlchemy
(edit) @982   16 years broder Update RemConfFS to use RouteFS
(edit) @981   16 years broder Import RouteFS for new versions of ConsoleFS and RemconfFS
(edit) @979   16 years broder Add remote section to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @976   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-database for Postgres 8.3
(edit) @974   16 years price port to postgresql 8.3
(edit) @972   16 years price don't specify (old) version of postgresql
(edit) @971   16 years price depend on quilt, patchutils, and config-package-dev in sipb-xen-dev
(edit) @959   16 years price fix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs Didn't …
(edit) @958   16 years price pyyaml Build-Depends on python-all-dbg
(edit) @956   16 years price create repository user, etc, in sipb-xen-dev postinst
(edit) @954   16 years broder Update master.yaml to reflect new name for sx-blade-2
(edit) @953   16 years price depend on sipb-xen-base in sipb-xen-remote-server
(edit) @952   16 years price reload (etc) apache after regenerating its config
(edit) @951   16 years price listen on 1111, for svn
(edit) @950   16 years broder Import libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert
(edit) @949   16 years price remove DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=.svn from rules files The right solution is …
(edit) @948   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @947   16 years price have sipb-xen-vnc-client depend on java-compiler rather than …
(edit) @946   16 years price port sipb-xen-database to sqlalchemy-0.4 Apparently they like …
(edit) @945   16 years price depend on invirt-config in sipb-xen-base invirt-config is provided by …
(edit) @944   16 years price add web, svn, trac sections to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @943   16 years price sipb-xen-www depends on AFS and python-flup Using a Depends: on …
(edit) @942   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @941   16 years price add some system-vm xen configs
(edit) @940   16 years price fix spelling in xen config
(edit) @939   16 years price fix up xen config at end of sipb-xen-install
(edit) @938   16 years price sipb-xen-install deals with lvcreate, and some tweaks
(edit) @937   16 years price tweak autoinstall scripts
(edit) @936   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @935   16 years price config packages depend on sipb-xen-base
(edit) @934   16 years price allow linux-xen as dependency for sipb-xen-dom0 This is the ubuntu …
(edit) @933   16 years price exclude .svn in builds
(edit) @932   16 years price fold duplicate Conflicts: lines, to make newer debuild happy Also …
(edit) @931   16 years price first cut at on-host installer
(edit) @930   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @929   16 years price factor out common autoinstaller code for both guest and host
(edit) @927   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-clvm-config for Hardy
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