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(edit) @1237   16 years broder Fix build-deps on sipb-xen-www
(edit) @1236   16 years quentin THIS is why I don't commit very often
(edit) @1235   16 years quentin Offer Kerberos authentication to supporting browsers
(edit) @1215   16 years price shorten sipb-xen-www initscript with new library
(edit) @1205   16 years price fix our copyright files E.g., this is free software.
(edit) @1169   16 years broder Make the admin mode work - fix a SQLAlchemy 0.4-ism
(edit) @1156   16 years broder Switch xen-ips to using the new SQLAlchemy API I swear I've written …
(edit) @1155   16 years broder Revert r1154 and instead apply the patch in cache_acls so that an …
(edit) @1154   16 years broder If the ACL for a locker isn't accessible, assume it's empty (closes #82)
(edit) @1145   16 years broder Limit the number of secrets: use /etc/invirt/keytab instead of a …
(edit) @1140   16 years broder Don't try to boot up the machine if we're running the autoinstaller
(edit) @1103   16 years price use wildcard for config.web.errormail_exclude Once prod is really …
(edit) @1096   16 years broder Configure the website to use the new autoinstaller code
(edit) @1095   16 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemy bug in the web ACL caching code
(edit) @1074   16 years broder Fix a SQLAlchemyism in the web code
(edit) @1051   16 years broder Actually stop Apache on shutdown
(edit) @1049   16 years broder Be sure to clean up sipb-xen-www when it's uninstalled
(edit) @1047   16 years broder Turns out sipb-xen-www's init script was the problem, not apache's. …
(edit) @1045   16 years broder Attempt to get Apache and OpenAFS to start in the right order
(edit) @1028   16 years broder Don't add another Listen 443 directive - apache gets angry
(edit) @1026   16 years broder Be sure to listen on both port 443 and 446
(edit) @1022   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-www to use the new invirt-confiscated svn.uri
(edit) @1013   16 years broder Update web code to for SQLAlchemy 0.4
(edit) @1001   16 years broder Update (at least some of) the web code to work with newer a SQLAlchemy
(edit) @959   16 years price fix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs Didn't …
(edit) @952   16 years price reload (etc) apache after regenerating its config
(edit) @951   16 years price listen on 1111, for svn
(edit) @943   16 years price sipb-xen-www depends on AFS and python-flup Using a Depends: on …
(edit) @912   16 years geofft Add Windows help text
(edit) @886   16 years y_z using mako-render instead of mako; fixed a typo in svn.mako
(edit) @883   16 years y_z converted two of the generated config files to use mako
(edit) @881   16 years y_z oops
(edit) @880   16 years y_z more sipb-xen-www config
(edit) @879   16 years y_z * further integration of invirt.config
(edit) @877   16 years price update config.todo
(edit) @874   16 years price add and respect 'adminable' column to machines This is for …
(edit) @873   16 years price cut down web's config.todo from last night's work
(edit) @869   16 years quentin Support /overlord as an alternate admin path
(edit) @868   16 years price configurize admin-mode acl
(edit) @867   16 years price rename overlord -> admin mode
(edit) @866   16 years price configurize web templates
(edit) @865   16 years price finish sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database in web
(edit) @864   16 years price more sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database in web
(edit) @863   16 years price configurize some web code
(edit) @860   16 years price update config.todo in sipb-xen-www
(edit) @854   16 years price take instance from keytab in k5start apache2.init wrapper
(edit) @848   16 years price uncommitted changes from
(edit) @810   16 years price todo lists for configuration I looked through all the code for …
(edit) @809   16 years price rather, daemon/xvm-2
(edit) @808   16 years price use host/xvm-2 for writing svn repo from web
(edit) @799   16 years geofft oops
(edit) @797   16 years geofft VNC: Catch the error when the VM is off and there is no host
(edit) @770   16 years geofft sipb-xen-www: Use invirt.config to pick the VNC proxy port.
(edit) @768   16 years price add kstart apache wrapper; update control
(edit) @765   16 years price small adjustments to mod_dav_svn config
(edit) @695   16 years price fix a different errortext-matching mismatch Gee, looks like I should …
(edit) @694   16 years price fix same error as r692 in two more places
(edit) @693   16 years price don't give 500 for mere stdout on a redirect
(edit) @692   16 years price update to match current error messages
(edit) @670   16 years ecprice Fix statement about autoinstall's password
(edit) @667   16 years price web: support sx-blade-2 for VNC applet Currently hardcodes host->port …
(edit) @666   16 years price web remove newline in listHost
(edit) @662   16 years price web: say where a VM is running
(edit) @655   16 years price check in Anders' image source Just the 'on' state, though, and …
(edit) @649   16 years ecprice More accurate error message for new machine naming guidelines.
(edit) @648   16 years ecprice More accurate validMachineName (no _, 63 character limit).
(edit) @647   16 years ecprice Only allow lowercase machine names
(edit) @644   16 years andersk Power button tweaks from the hackathon.
(edit) @640   16 years ecprice Import random before seeding
(edit) @639   16 years quentin Show power buttons as icons
(edit) @638   16 years quentin Images without foreground, for use as background
(edit) @637   16 years quentin Use IEC 5009 standby symbol
(edit) @636   16 years quentin Add power button images
(edit) @634   16 years ecprice Seed the random number generator after the fork.
(edit) @633   16 years andersk Redirect overlord -> overlord/ and use relative redirects.
(edit) @632   16 years andersk Add overlord mode, accessible from by …
(edit) @629   16 years ecprice Autoinstalls
(edit) @628   16 years price web: fix file permissions on each make
(edit) @627   16 years price web: don't send mail on error if it's one of us testing I started the …
(edit) @626   16 years price web/info: recognize new error message for off VMs
(edit) @621   16 years geofft two small prettifications
(edit) @618   16 years geofft Apply a background color to every other VM, and move the power button …
(edit) @613   16 years ecprice Clear SQL cache on each request.
(edit) @612   16 years andersk Oops, reenable error mail.
(edit) @609   16 years andersk Add a description field.
(edit) @608   16 years geofft Rephrase the five paragraphs of
(edit) @607   16 years andersk 404 errors are not email-worthy.
(edit) @606   16 years price long timeouts in FastCGI, so the autoinstaller can work
(edit) @605   16 years price depend on mod_fcgid
(edit) @604   16 years broder Stop trying to serve the favico from the webapp, and other people's …
(edit) @603   16 years price small code cleanups
(edit) @602   16 years price one world, one error-reporting mechanism The email and the web page …
(edit) @601   16 years price all details in email too, still just for CodeError?
(edit) @600   16 years price collect all available data, in CodeError? case for now
(edit) @599   16 years price send mail on all exceptions
(edit) @598   16 years price send mail on non-CodeError? exceptions
(edit) @597   16 years price link to tips wiki page
(edit) @595   16 years ecprice Expose the script to kill the fastcgi processes.
(edit) @589   16 years ecprice Set machine_access to be a private attribute of machine, so the acl is …
(edit) @588   16 years andersk Redirect with 303 See Other.
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