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(edit) @793   16 years y_z added shared/exclusive locking; added shared locking of initial JSON …
(edit) @792   16 years price fix bug in late-import of yaml in invirt.config
(edit) @790   16 years y_z removed the call to remove()
(edit) @789   16 years price invirt-config: print non-leaves as YAML
(edit) @788   16 years price show root in invirt-getconf, for empty/omitted path
(edit) @787   16 years price add --ls/-l to invirt-getconf
(edit) @786   16 years price expand with_* docstrings in invirt.common
(edit) @784   16 years y_z lazily import yaml for faster module load times
(edit) @781   16 years y_z * added file locking around cache * cleanup
(edit) @778   16 years y_z * moved more generic code into common package * silently fail if …
(edit) @771   16 years y_z - added timestamp-based JSON caching of configuration for faster …
(edit) @766   16 years price back to 2.4 compatibility Not dealing right now with a comprehensive …
(edit) @737   16 years y_z added .version specifying python 2.5 only; updated changelog
(edit) @733   16 years y_z simple initial version of invirt-getconf simply reads & navigates …
(edit) @729   16 years y_z switched to python2.5
(edit) @726   16 years y_z started adding simple configuration-loading module and getconfig …
(edit) @725   16 years price begin a Python package 'invirt'
(add) @702   16 years price reload config changes on xvm-devconfig postinst
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