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(edit) @2550   15 years broder Punt invirt-uploaders and unsigned files from repository config. …
(edit) @2549   15 years broder Punt the invirt-ood-packages script (and invirt-ood-build). They were …
(edit) @2548   15 years broder Update the packaging to build and install the invirtibuilder.
(edit) @2547   15 years broder Add a for the new invirtibuilder and invirt.builder code.
(edit) @2546   15 years broder Python 2.5 requires an import from the future to get a with statement.
(edit) @2545   15 years broder In the invirtibuilder, take advantage of the getBinaries function in …
(edit) @2544   15 years broder Deal with Debian-native packages correctly when calculating and …
(edit) @2543   15 years broder Pull functions that are needed for the git remctl scripts out of the …
(edit) @2542   15 years broder Move the invirtibuilder into invirt-dev as a first step towards …
(edit) @2371   15 years broder Use a descriptive variable name, instead of $REPLY.
(edit) @2370   15 years broder Fix invirt-build-release to correctly deal with multiple binary …
(edit) @2320   15 years broder In invirt-dev: * When building an architecture: any package, pass …
(edit) @2302   15 years broder In invirt-dev: * Add a UDebComponents definition so that we can …
(edit) @2298   15 years broder In invirt-dev: * Add a invirt-system component for invirtified packages.
(edit) @1863   16 years price invirt-build-release: factor out distribution
(edit) @1861   16 years price invirt-build-release: separate distribution, architecture
(edit) @1860   16 years price invirt-build-release: clean up some shell and perl Also wait to parse …
(edit) @1859   16 years price invirt-build-release: handle amd64 and i386
(edit) @1857   16 years price invirt-dev: add i386 to apt repo
(edit) @1782   16 years broder Move invirt-dev's sudoers cleanup to the prerm instead of the postinst
(edit) @1770   16 years broder Fix invirt-dev to not add the same line a bunch of times to sudoers
(edit) @1671   16 years broder Support building multiple packages in sequence with invirt-build-release
(edit) @1592   16 years broder Apparently I screwed up splitting up the list of packages for …
(edit) @1586   16 years broder end your for loops with done, not fi
(edit) @1585   16 years broder Kill some superfluous whitespace in invirt-ood-build
(edit) @1584   16 years broder Add invirt-ood-build for building out of date packages
(edit) @1583   16 years broder Clean up invirt-dev packaging
(edit) @1570   16 years broder Add new invirt-ood-packages script to invirt-dev
(edit) @1486   16 years broder In invirt-build-release, get the svn uri from the config, not from …
(edit) @1372   16 years broder sipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists
(edit) @1329   16 years price document adduser $user sbuild in invirt-dev postinst
(edit) @1323   16 years price sx-build-release -> invirt-build-release
(add) @1322   16 years price sipb-xen-dev -> invirt-dev
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