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(edit) @2971   13 years gdb Merged invirt-xen-config into hvirt branch
(edit) @2922   13 years gdb Updated mako templates
(edit) @2921   13 years gdb Moved things around to make config generation work
(edit) @2919   13 years gdb Fixed up config in svn
(edit) @2918   13 years gdb Put svn.mako into conf.invirt
(edit) @2917   13 years gdb Quoted authname
(edit) @2916   13 years gdb Removed old mako templates
(edit) @2915   13 years gdb Removed init script from the invirt-web pkg
(edit) @2913   13 years gdb Made debian work with current invirt-web changes
(edit) @2912   13 years gdb Initial plug at configurable mako apache config
(edit) @2911   13 years gdb Started hvirt branch of invirt-web
(edit) @2865   13 years gdb Removed SSH stuff from hvirt branch of invirt-base
(edit) @2841   13 years gdb Started hvirt branch for invirt-autoinstaller
(edit) @2840   13 years gdb Have init script operate in the style of xvm-munin-config
(edit) @2839   13 years gdb Removed debathena apt from invirt-base hvirt branch
(edit) @2833   13 years gdb Merged in spelling fix
(edit) @2831   13 years gdb Merged r2829 and 2830 into the hvirt branch
(edit) @2828   13 years gdb Merged into hvirt branch
(edit) @2826   13 years gdb Used hvirt1 as extension to version in branched pkgs
(edit) @2824   13 years gdb Removed stray period in transform_xend-config.sxp.invirt.mako
(edit) @2823   13 years gdb Reverted r2821
(edit) @2821   13 years gdb Removed pinning of libxen3
(edit) @2817   13 years gdb Make the -internal into a config parameter
(edit) @2816   13 years gdb Created invirt-xen-config branch
(edit) @2806   13 years gdb Removed dependency on debathena
(edit) @2805   13 years gdb Started a branch for invirt-remote
(edit) @2788   13 years gdb Made the sshd divert work properly
(edit) @2787   13 years gdb Added init script for generating conf
(edit) @2778   13 years gdb Merged broder's changes into invirt-base
(edit) @2777   13 years gdb Moved most of debathena config into invirt-base
(edit) @2776   13 years gdb Added debathena krb and ssh config stuff to invirt-base
(edit) @2775   13 years gdb Removed debathena dependencies from invirt-console
(edit) @2774   13 years gdb Created an hvirt branch of invirt-console
(edit) @2764   13 years broder Ensure Kerberos tickets get passed to the ssh that ajaxterm spawns
(edit) @2763   13 years broder Handle control characters from Safari (they arrive pre-translated)
(edit) @2762   13 years broder Remove dependency on qweb framework
(edit) @2761   13 years broder Use browser-based dupe suppression, so multiple clients can connect to …
(edit) @2760   13 years broder Update focus rules to failback in safari
(edit) @2759   13 years broder disable GETting to post keyboards to ajaxterm
(edit) @2758   13 years broder Make ajaxterm only seize keypresses when focused.
(edit) @2757   13 years broder Clear stale fds out of cache in ajaxterm
(edit) @2756   13 years broder Fix race condition in ajaxterm
(edit) @2755   13 years broder Link to the web terminal page from the VM list for paravms
(edit) @2754   13 years broder Compress ajaxterm redraws with gzip, to reduce latency
(edit) @2753   13 years broder Allow reconnecting to the same terminal session
(edit) @2752   13 years broder ajaxterm!
(edit) @2751   13 years broder Add terminal page
(edit) @2750   13 years broder Allow pages to specify extra header elements
(edit) @2749   13 years broder Make ajaxterm play nicely with CherryPy?
(edit) @2748   13 years broder Allow passing a different command for each ajaxterm invocation
(edit) @2747   13 years broder Import upstream ajaxterm 0.10
(edit) @2746   13 years broder Create branch ajaxterm-rebased
(edit) @2739   13 years quentin Properly separate the auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi scripts
(edit) @2736   13 years quentin Add an icon to be shown when a VM is being installed
(edit) @2735   13 years broder The cherrypy branch has been subsumed by the cherrypy-rebased branch.
(edit) @2734   13 years broder Fix dumb mistakes in my r2655.
(edit) @2733   13 years broder Deduplicate the code in auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi But call the …
(edit) @2732   13 years broder Don't calculate static_dir in the fcgi files - we no longer use it there.
(edit) @2731   13 years broder Remove the "checkpoint" code for timing measurements.
(edit) @2730   13 years broder Setup hosting for static resources in the InvirtWeb? and …
(edit) @2729   13 years broder Use separate fcgi files for the authed and unauthed site. This allows …
(edit) @2728   13 years broder Fix the unauthenticated web interface. Separate the separate …
(edit) @2727   13 years broder Punt some RewriteRules? for deprecated URLs we no longer use.
(edit) @2726   13 years broder command: recognize new "internal" name for delete This fixes the bug …
(edit) @2725   13 years broder Fill in changelog with the many things that changed. I might still be …
(edit) @2724   13 years broder fix long lines
(edit) @2723   13 years broder double blank lines at toplevel This is a style convention …
(edit) @2722   13 years broder clean up remote_user_login Remove dead code, and make the …
(edit) @2721   13 years broder fix a docstring The first line of a docstring should be …
(edit) @2720   13 years broder small Python style improvement
(edit) @2719   13 years broder list.mako: map/lambda make Guido sad, use a comprehension In Python …
(edit) @2718   13 years broder info.mako: cut no-longer-used hidden field
(edit) @2717   13 years broder Update the cherrypy branch to use authz.afs.cells instead of just …
(edit) @2716   13 years broder "Cherry-pick" r2557 (Re-arrange the authz configuration.) to the …
(edit) @2715   13 years broder Document MachineView?.getattr
(edit) @2714   13 years broder Make changelog entries describe package changes, not packaging changes
(edit) @2713   13 years broder Clarify the operation of MakoHandler?
(edit) @2712   13 years broder Revert "Replace weird username logic with the old logic." This …
(edit) @2711   13 years broder fix a syntax error from my r2526
(edit) @2710   13 years broder Restore explanatory comment on random.seed().
(edit) @2709   13 years broder style tweaks
(edit) @2708   13 years broder tighten a bit of code
(edit) @2707   13 years broder FieldStorage? is history, so revert to sugared getitem.
(edit) @2706   13 years broder fix super-long lines
(edit) @2705   13 years broder tighten a bit of code
(edit) @2704   13 years broder cut a leftover comment, fix a bit of spacing
(edit) @2703   13 years broder cut uninformative comment and blank line
(edit) @2702   13 years broder main.fcgi: usage, fix a bit of spacing
(edit) @2701   13 years broder small style fix
(edit) @2700   13 years broder Replace weird username logic with the old logic. remote_user_login() …
(edit) @2699   13 years broder style nit
(edit) @2698   13 years broder Removed useless method
(edit) @2697   13 years broder Remove unused external_remote_user_login function
(edit) @2696   13 years broder Punt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we already have our …
(edit) @2695   13 years broder Remove unused template code
(edit) @2694   13 years broder Use contact address from config on error page
(edit) @2693   13 years broder Full error handling
(edit) @2692   13 years broder Unauthenticated front page
(edit) @2691   13 years broder Make modify form work
(edit) @2690   13 years broder Implement administrator mode
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