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(edit) @2823   14 years gdb Reverted r2821
(edit) @2822   14 years andersk Add hvirt-devconfig to git-migration.
(edit) @2821   14 years gdb Removed pinning of libxen3
(edit) @2820   14 years broder Since we're moving the queue entries into the queue directory for …
(edit) @2819   14 years broder Add missing dependency on python-pyinotify in invirt-dev.
(edit) @2818   14 years gdb Added internal IP to master.yaml
(edit) @2817   14 years gdb Make the -internal into a config parameter
(edit) @2816   14 years gdb Created invirt-xen-config branch
(edit) @2815   14 years broder Fix modifying powered-on machines.
(edit) @2814   14 years pweaver Moved all code for service messages to unauth.make
(edit) @2813   14 years broder I don't trust test's boolean operators.
(edit) @2812   14 years pweaver changed <table> to <div>
(edit) @2811   14 years pweaver Fixed some style errors
(edit) @2810   14 years pweaver Added some code to display a service message from the xvm team to the …
(edit) @2809   14 years broder Don't svn:ignore the old generated files from Cheetah anymore.
(edit) @2808   14 years pweaver made link to auth using Personal Certificates more clear
(edit) @2807   14 years pweaver Added a like for kerberos authentication for the website
(edit) @2806   14 years gdb Removed dependency on debathena
(edit) @2805   14 years gdb Started a branch for invirt-remote
(edit) @2804   14 years broder Stylize the results box a bit more so it's more visible.
(edit) @2803   14 years broder Add more user-friendly error handling for common errors, so they don't …
(edit) @2802   14 years broder Missed one place we used "superrepo".
(edit) @2801   14 years broder Superproject, not superrepo, is git's term for a repo that contains …
(edit) @2800   14 years quentin Tag 0.0.11 of invirt-cluster-config
(edit) @2799   14 years quentin Configure fence_manual fencing
(edit) @2798   14 years andersk Generate postgresql.conf with LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 pg_createcluster. …
(edit) @2797   14 years quentin There's two trs
(edit) @2796   14 years quentin Don't use JavaScript? to stripe rows
(edit) @2795   14 years broder Adjust the Makefile shipped with the website to kill invirt.fcgi, …
(edit) @2794   14 years broder Add label tags to group <input> tags with their labels. Also add …
(edit) @2793   14 years broder Nuke an extra </form> tag.
(edit) @2792   14 years broder The <input /> tag is always empty, so having a separate closing …
(edit) @2791   14 years broder Don't escape a string in one of the Mako templates.
(edit) @2790   14 years broder Don't over-escape Javascript in the web templates. $ doesn't need to …
(edit) @2789   14 years gdb Added postinst to hvirt-devconfig to ensure config is regenerated
(edit) @2788   14 years gdb Made the sshd divert work properly
(edit) @2787   14 years gdb Added init script for generating conf
(edit) @2786   14 years gdb Removed the postinst config generator
(edit) @2785   14 years gdb Fixed perlishness
(edit) @2784   14 years gdb Fixed console entry in master.yaml
(edit) @2783   14 years gdb Added postinst to set default_realm appropriately. Note: the code is …
(edit) @2782   14 years gdb Fixed style + debugging echo from r2781
(edit) @2781   14 years gdb Make invirt-database-server.postinst check whether the invirt user …
(edit) @2780   14 years gdb Added some sysvms
(edit) @2779   14 years gdb Added hvirt-devconfig pkg
(edit) @2778   14 years gdb Merged broder's changes into invirt-base
(edit) @2777   14 years gdb Moved most of debathena config into invirt-base
(edit) @2776   14 years gdb Added debathena krb and ssh config stuff to invirt-base
(edit) @2775   14 years gdb Removed debathena dependencies from invirt-console
(edit) @2774   14 years gdb Created an hvirt branch of invirt-console
(edit) @2773   14 years broder Tag 0.47 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2772   14 years broder Update devconfig for gbrockm -> gdb username change.
(edit) @2771   14 years broder Tag 0.0.2 of xvm-authz-locker
(edit) @2770   14 years broder Tag 0.0.28 of invirt-base
(edit) @2769   14 years broder Use breaks instead of conflicts in xvm-authz-locker.
(edit) @2768   14 years broder In xvm-authz-locker, conflict with versions of invirt-base that …
(edit) @2767   14 years broder The authz.mech option in configuration is no longer used.
(edit) @2766   14 years broder Have authz providers use an invirt.authz module. xvm-authz-locker now …
(edit) @2765   14 years broder Do some config cleanup in invirt-web.
(edit) @2764   14 years broder Ensure Kerberos tickets get passed to the ssh that ajaxterm spawns
(edit) @2763   14 years broder Handle control characters from Safari (they arrive pre-translated)
(edit) @2762   14 years broder Remove dependency on qweb framework
(edit) @2761   14 years broder Use browser-based dupe suppression, so multiple clients can connect to …
(edit) @2760   14 years broder Update focus rules to failback in safari
(edit) @2759   14 years broder disable GETting to post keyboards to ajaxterm
(edit) @2758   14 years broder Make ajaxterm only seize keypresses when focused.
(edit) @2757   14 years broder Clear stale fds out of cache in ajaxterm
(edit) @2756   14 years broder Fix race condition in ajaxterm
(edit) @2755   14 years broder Link to the web terminal page from the VM list for paravms
(edit) @2754   14 years broder Compress ajaxterm redraws with gzip, to reduce latency
(edit) @2753   14 years broder Allow reconnecting to the same terminal session
(edit) @2752   14 years broder ajaxterm!
(edit) @2751   14 years broder Add terminal page
(edit) @2750   14 years broder Allow pages to specify extra header elements
(edit) @2749   14 years broder Make ajaxterm play nicely with CherryPy?
(edit) @2748   14 years broder Allow passing a different command for each ajaxterm invocation
(edit) @2747   14 years broder Import upstream ajaxterm 0.10
(edit) @2746   14 years broder Create branch ajaxterm-rebased
(edit) @2745   14 years broder Cleanup invirt-web's cherrypy-rebased -> trunk merge in the git-migration
(edit) @2744   14 years broder Tag 0.1.1 of invirt-web
(edit) @2743   14 years price invirt.fcgi: Document wrapper scripts more explicitly.
(edit) @2742   14 years price Fix format string usage.
(edit) @2741   14 years price invirt.fcgi: fix usage message, simplify option-parsing logic
(edit) @2740   14 years quentin Merge auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi fixes from the old branch
(edit) @2739   14 years quentin Properly separate the auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi scripts
(edit) @2738   14 years broder Tag 0.1.0 of invirt-web
(edit) @2737   14 years broder Merge cherrypy-rebased branch of invirt-web into trunk.
(edit) @2736   14 years quentin Add an icon to be shown when a VM is being installed
(edit) @2735   14 years broder The cherrypy branch has been subsumed by the cherrypy-rebased branch.
(edit) @2734   14 years broder Fix dumb mistakes in my r2655.
(edit) @2733   14 years broder Deduplicate the code in auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi But call the …
(edit) @2732   14 years broder Don't calculate static_dir in the fcgi files - we no longer use it there.
(edit) @2731   14 years broder Remove the "checkpoint" code for timing measurements.
(edit) @2730   14 years broder Setup hosting for static resources in the InvirtWeb? and …
(edit) @2729   14 years broder Use separate fcgi files for the authed and unauthed site. This allows …
(edit) @2728   14 years broder Fix the unauthenticated web interface. Separate the separate …
(edit) @2727   14 years broder Punt some RewriteRules? for deprecated URLs we no longer use.
(edit) @2726   14 years broder command: recognize new "internal" name for delete This fixes the bug …
(edit) @2725   14 years broder Fill in changelog with the many things that changed. I might still be …
(edit) @2724   14 years broder fix long lines
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