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(edit) @2484   14 years quentin Unauthenticated front page
(edit) @2483   14 years quentin Make modify form work
(edit) @2482   14 years quentin Implement administrator mode
(edit) @2481   14 years quentin Ensure Kerberos tickets get passed to the ssh that ajaxterm spawns
(edit) @2480   14 years price Tag 0.40 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2479   14 years price Add oremanj to xvm-dev as reflected in k5login.
(edit) @2478   14 years price Tag 0.4.1 of invirt-remote
(edit) @2477   14 years price yet more whitespace adjustment
(edit) @2476   14 years price Changelog entry and whitespace pickiness for LP #349789 fix.
(edit) @2475   14 years price Tag 0.39 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2474   14 years price Add ppasupat, burrows, jontec, gyz to xvm-dev as reflected in k5login, …
(edit) @2473   14 years pweaver lp invert bug 349789 Added error codes and prints to stderr
(edit) @2472   14 years pweaver lp:invert bug #349789:changed error message to unix style
(edit) @2471   14 years andersk Deal with package_branches.
(edit) @2470   14 years pweaver Bug #349789: added spaces to error message
(edit) @2469   14 years pweaver Bug #349789:changed * to all
(edit) @2468   14 years pweaver Bug #349789:script to print error of not vm name
(edit) @2467   14 years pweaver Bug #349789: added code for vm not listed in remctl
(edit) @2466   14 years price Tag 0.38 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2465   14 years price Add pweaver to xvm-dev as reflected in the dev k5login.
(edit) @2464   14 years price Tag 0.37 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2463   14 years price Forward dev-cluster automail to xvm-dev-auto rather than xvm@.
(edit) @2462   14 years broder Tag 0.36 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2461   14 years broder For the dev cluster, send root's mail to xvm-dev@…, instead of …
(edit) @2460   14 years price Tag 0.35 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2459   14 years price Add adehnert to xvm-dev as reflected in the dev k5login.
(edit) @2458   15 years broder Tag 0.34 of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2457   15 years broder In xvm-devconfig: * Sync the k5login with xvm-dev (add mitchb).
(edit) @2456   15 years quentin Handle control characters from Safari (they arrive pre-translated)
(edit) @2455   15 years quentin Remove dependency on qweb framework
(edit) @2454   15 years quentin Use browser-based dupe suppression, so multiple clients can connect to …
(edit) @2453   15 years ecprice Update focus rules to failback in safari
(edit) @2452   15 years ecprice disable GETting to post keyboards to ajaxterm
(edit) @2451   15 years ecprice Make ajaxterm only seize keypresses when focused.
(edit) @2450   15 years ecprice Clear stale fds out of cache in ajaxterm
(edit) @2449   15 years ecprice Fix race condition in ajaxterm
(edit) @2448   15 years quentin Apply javascript quoting after URL-escaping
(edit) @2447   15 years broder Tag 0.4.0 of invirt-remote
(edit) @2446   15 years broder Nice the janitorial dds as well as ionicing them.
(edit) @2445   15 years broder Tag 0.2.11 of invirt-console
(edit) @2444   15 years broder In invirt-console: * Disable the sftp subsystem on the console …
(edit) @2443   15 years quentin Link to the web terminal page from the VM list for paravms
(edit) @2442   15 years broder Tag 0.0.32 of invirt-autoinstaller
(edit) @2441   15 years broder Revert the "Hack to be differently specific". It wasn't working. This …
(edit) @2440   15 years quentin Compress ajaxterm redraws with gzip, to reduce latency
(edit) @2439   15 years broder Tag 0.0.31 of invirt-autoinstaller
(edit) @2438   15 years broder Add a safety check to the janitor to make sure we only delete old_ LV.
(edit) @2437   15 years broder In the invirt-janitor, ignore errors from the dd. In the normal case, …
(edit) @2436   15 years broder In invirt-remote: * Instead of running all of the disk-wiping dds …
(edit) @2435   15 years quentin Allow reconnecting to the same terminal session
(edit) @2434   15 years quentin Fix typo
(edit) @2433   15 years quentin ajaxterm!
(edit) @2432   15 years quentin Add terminal page
(edit) @2431   15 years quentin Allow pages to specify extra header elements
(edit) @2430   15 years quentin Make ajaxterm play nicely with CherryPy?
(edit) @2429   15 years quentin Allow passing a different command for each ajaxterm invocation
(edit) @2428   15 years quentin Update the errortest handler for cherrypy
(edit) @2427   15 years quentin Import upstream ajaxterm 0.10
(edit) @2426   15 years broder invirt-console: * Give the website access to all consoles in …
(edit) @2425   15 years broder Only aklog to a cell if encryption is actually needed.
(edit) @2424   15 years quentin Show installer status on the front page, and unbreak the autoinstall …
(edit) @2423   15 years quentin Clarify that staff can receive Windows license keys from MIT
(edit) @2422   15 years quentin Write handler for create form, and consolidate code to require POST …
(edit) @2421   15 years quentin Make command XSS error correct
(edit) @2420   15 years quentin Use basic authentication in the development server to work around a …
(edit) @2419   15 years quentin textarea elements don't handle HTML
(edit) @2418   15 years quentin Make commands work from list and info pages
(edit) @2417   15 years quentin Use RESTful URLs for commands
(edit) @2416   15 years broder Translate newlines to break tags in the machine description.
(edit) @2415   15 years quentin Mount app on / regardless of whether it's fastcgi
(edit) @2414   15 years quentin Port vnc page to Mako and CherryPy?
(edit) @2413   15 years quentin Move machine-related pages into a REST-style URL.
(edit) @2412   15 years quentin Remove calls to helppopup from outside templates
(edit) @2411   15 years quentin Upgrade info page to Mako
(edit) @2410   15 years quentin Get username from cherrypy request object
(edit) @2409   15 years quentin Implement help handler
(edit) @2408   15 years quentin Add kwargs to helloworld for debugging purposes
(edit) @2407   15 years quentin Show the cherrypy request object on the helloworld page
(edit) @2406   15 years quentin Add space after id attribute
(edit) @2405   15 years quentin Properly refer to functions via self.fn
(edit) @2404   15 years quentin Allow broder to log in to development web server
(edit) @2403   15 years quentin Use global imports for Mako templates
(edit) @2402   15 years quentin Allow global imports to be specified for Mako templates
(edit) @2401   15 years quentin Properly HTML-escape functions
(edit) @2400   15 years quentin Move the help popup code into the templates where it belongs
(edit) @2399   15 years quentin Initialize state object correctly
(edit) @2398   15 years quentin Provide Digest authentication on the development server
(edit) @2397   15 years quentin Get login information from Apache, if available
(edit) @2396   15 years quentin Get username and state from CherryPy? request
(edit) @2395   15 years quentin Port list to Mako
(edit) @2394   15 years quentin Remove Cheetah skeleton
(edit) @2393   15 years quentin Port functions to Mako
(edit) @2392   15 years quentin Basic skeleton and helloworld templates
(edit) @2391   15 years quentin Add list method, require authentication for it, and add a hello world …
(edit) @2390   15 years quentin Connect to the database on init
(edit) @2389   15 years quentin Stub InvirtWeb? implementation
(edit) @2388   15 years quentin CherryPy? config files
(edit) @2387   15 years quentin Mount static resources so they can be accessed via CherryPy?
(edit) @2386   15 years quentin Basic CherryPy? FastCGI handler
(edit) @2385   15 years quentin Mako and SimpleJSON CherryPy? hooks
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