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  • trunk/packages/sipb-xen-www/code/main.py

    r535 r536  
    215215                has_vnc[m] = "WTF?"
    216216            else:
    217                 has_vnc[m] = "ParaVM"+helppopup("paravm_console")
     217                has_vnc[m] = "ParaVM"+helppopup("ParaVM Console")
    218218    max_memory = validation.maxMemory(user)
    219219    max_disk = validation.maxDisk(user)
    457457    subjects = fields.getlist('subject')
    459     help_mapping = dict(paravm_console="""
     459    help_mapping = {'ParaVM Console': """
    460460ParaVM machines do not support local console access over VNC.  To
    461461access the serial console of these machines, you can SSH with Kerberos
    462 to sipb-xen-console.mit.edu, using the name of the machine as your
     462to console.xvm.mit.edu, using the name of the machine as your
    464                         hvm_paravm="""
     464                    'HVM/ParaVM': """
    465465HVM machines use the virtualization features of the processor, while
    466466ParaVM machines use Xen's emulation of virtualization features.  You
    467467want an HVM virtualized machine.""",
    468                         cpu_weight="""
     468                    'CPU Weight': """
    469469Don't ask us!  We're as mystified as you are.""",
    470                         owner="""
     470                    'Owner': """
    471471The owner field is used to determine <a
    472 href="help?subject=quotas">quotas</a>.  It must be the name of a
     472href="help?subject=Quotas">quotas</a>.  It must be the name of a
    473473locker that you are an AFS administrator of.  In particular, you or an
    474474AFS group you are a member of must have AFS rlidwka bits on the
    475475locker.  You can check who administers the LOCKER locker using the
    476476commands 'attach LOCKER; fs la /mit/LOCKER' on Athena.)  See also <a
    477 href="help?subject=administrator">administrator</a>.""",
    478                         administrator="""
     478                    'Administrator': """
    479479The administrator field determines who can access the console and
    480480power on and off the machine.  This can be either a user or a moira
    482                         quotas="""
     482                    'Quotas': """
    483483Quotas are determined on a per-locker basis.  Each locker may have a
    484484maximum of 512 megabytes of active ram, 50 gigabytes of disk, and 4
    485485active machines.""",
    486                         console="""
     486                    'Console': """
    487487<strong>Framebuffer:</strong> At a Linux boot prompt in your VM, try
    488488setting <tt>fb=false</tt> to disable the framebuffer.  If you don't,
    490490console will suffer artifacts.
    492                    )
     492                    }
    494494    if not subjects:
    537537                      'DISK_INFO',
    538538                      ('state', 'state (xen format)'),
    539                       ('cpu_weight', 'CPU weight'+helppopup('cpu_weight')),
     539                      ('cpu_weight', 'CPU weight'+helppopup('CPU Weight')),
    540540                      ('on_reboot', 'Action on VM reboot'),
    541541                      ('on_poweroff', 'Action on VM poweroff'),
    596596             max_mem=max_mem,
    597597             max_disk=max_disk,
    598              owner_help=helppopup("owner"),
     598             owner_help=helppopup("Owner"),
    599599             fields = fields)
    600600    return d
    672672        print 'Content-Type: text/plain\n'
    673673        print 'Uh-oh!  We experienced an error.'
    674         print 'Please email sipb-xen@mit.edu with the contents of this page.'
     674        print 'Please email xvm-dev@mit.edu with the contents of this page.'
    675675        print '----'
    676676        e = revertStandardError()
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