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2In the Dell PowerEdge SC1435 servers delivered July 2008,
3there are several BIOS settings that need to be frobbed on setup.
5in the setup screen at F2:
6- CPU -> Virtualization Technology: on
7- Boot Sequence: disable NIC
8- Integrated Devices -> Embedded Gb NIC: turn off PXE
10in the setup screen for remote management, at Ctrl-E:
11- IP is (main IP) =~ s/18.181.0/10.5.128/
12  e.g. for citadel-station ==
14These settings are reflected in the basic screen of xvm-host-2 and the
15remote-management screen of xvm-host-1.  At time of writing, the basic
16settings on xvm-host-1 may differ, and the remote-management settings
17on xvm-host-2 are disabled.  xvm-host-[34] remain in their shipping boxes.
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