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    77After 5<?> minutes you can access the machine's console from an athena machine or any machine that has kerberos tickets.
    88assuming you have called your vm "myParaVM"
    9 {{{athena% ssh}}}
     10athena% ssh
    1012this will take a half-minute, but your terminal should then read
    1719hit enter. It will display information about the OS and vm name and a login promt. Type "root". If asked for a password, just hit enter.
    1820Normally, we don't want to login as root, so we need to add a user
    19 {{{root@myParaVM:~# adduser username}}}
     22root@myParaVM:~# adduser username
    2024where username is preferrably your athena identity
    2125this will prompt you for a password and then for some personal information
    2226that does not matter for our purposes.
    2327In order to install software, we next need to add ourselves to the sudoers file.
    24 {{{root@myParaVM~# visudo}}}
     29root@myParaVM~# visudo
    2531this opens /etc/sudoers using vi.
    2632if you are unfamiliar with original vi, you can type the following sequence of keys (where [enter] and [ctrl] stand for the enter and control keys and username is the username you just added:
    27 {{{20j$a[enter]username[space][space][space][space]ALL=(ALL) ALL[esc]:wq[enter]}}}
     3420j$a[enter]username[space][space][space][space]ALL=(ALL) ALL[esc]:wq[enter]
    2836<do I actually want it to be username ALL=(ALL) ALL?>
    2937lastly, we need to start the ssh daemon:
    30 {{{root@myParaVM~# /etc/sbin/sshd}}}
     39root@myParaVM~# /etc/sbin/sshd
    3242now open up another local terminal and try to ssh into your VM:
    33 {{{athena% ssh}}}
     44athena% ssh
    3446and check that you can sudo:
    35 {{{username@myParaVM~$ sudo apt-get install emacs (or vim-gnome)}}}
     48username@myParaVM~$ sudo apt-get install emacs (or vim-gnome)