Feb 26, 2008:

9:00 PM Changeset [276] by broder
Contact info for the two new packages should be sipb-xen@
8:46 PM Changeset [275] by broder
Made sure that the daemon gets run out of the right directory
8:05 PM Changeset [274] by broder
Ok - making the DHCP server executable this time
7:57 PM Changeset [273] by broder
Something that is hopefully a DHCP server package
3:50 PM Changeset [272] by broder
And...we changed the port, so this wasn't accurate
3:32 PM Changeset [271] by broder
A couple fixups to the sipb-xen-dns package. Also, testing commits …

Feb 24, 2008:

10:46 PM Changeset [270] by broder
Forgot to chmod the DNS server +x
10:34 PM Changeset [269] by broder
Created init scripts and moved dnsserver.py script into sipb-xen-dns …
9:05 PM Changeset [268] by tabbott
Initial checkin of sipb-xen-dns package.
6:16 PM Changeset [267] by quentin
Fixing VNC client height and turning off "service is being changed" message
5:44 PM Ticket #50 (move DNS server off sipb-xen-dev) created by tabbott
I think it's unwise for critical parts of our infrastructure (the DNS …
3:46 PM Ticket #49 (User suspension of VMs) created by ccpost
Once sipb-xen gets to be a "real" service, it would be nice to …

Feb 20, 2008:

2:06 AM Ticket #48 (Make a sane development workflow) created by price
Running at Packaging Capability Level AAA --- i.e., putting every …
1:59 AM Ticket #47 (Figure out CPU usage limits) created by price
Currently when a handful of VMs decide to spin, the whole system gets …
1:55 AM Ticket #41 (Can’t boot modern (2.6.22+) 64-bit kernels) closed by andersk
1:46 AM Ticket #46 (Fix the RAID) created by price
Our RAID is still mysteriously, horrendously slow in certain …
1:35 AM Ticket #45 (automate startup) created by price
From tonight's slow, manual outage-recovery: - on black-mesa: start …

Feb 12, 2008:

4:27 AM Ticket #44 (Hostname set over DHCP should be reasonable) created by broder
Currently in an Ubuntu installer if you accept the default value for …
4:26 AM Ticket #43 (Framebuffer issues should be documented) created by broder
The fact that you have to boot up the installer with the framebuffer …

Feb 2, 2008:

3:33 AM Changeset [266] by quentin
Check quotas against the machine's owner and not the user committing …

Jan 29, 2008:

11:47 PM Changeset [265] by ecprice
Update acls on creation and don't always through a spurious error
11:46 PM Changeset [264] by ecprice
Fix bug during create/delete clearing the cache
11:35 PM Changeset [263] by ecprice
Modularize cache_acls.py yet more
11:33 PM Changeset [262] by ecprice
Modularize cache_acls.py more
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