Oct 7, 2007:

10:21 PM Changeset [130] by tabbott
more support for web interface fixes
10:14 PM Changeset [129] by tabbott
more remctl support for web interface
9:44 PM Changeset [128] by quentin
Added control and alt checkboxes, for ease of typing modifier sequences
8:49 PM Changeset [127] by tabbott
more web interface updates
6:32 PM Changeset [126] by tabbott
fixed to work with web interface.
6:16 PM Changeset [125] by quentin
Correctly verify authentication tokens, and disable backdoor
6:14 PM Changeset [124] by tabbott
machine_name is the argument to the database
6:07 PM Changeset [123] by tabbott
Moved the lvcreate thing to /usr/sbin.
6:02 PM Changeset [122] by tabbott
Add another remctl command for webland.
5:46 PM Changeset [121] by tabbott
Move things around and add web interface support code.
5:34 PM Changeset [120] by quentin
Don't store unnecessary info in the token
5:32 PM Changeset [119] by ecprice
More work.
5:17 PM Changeset [118] by quentin
Generate real authentication tokens
4:24 PM Changeset [117] by ecprice
exit is defined elsewhere, so we use sys.exit.
4:34 AM Changeset [116] by andersk
Actually import re.
4:29 AM Changeset [115] by ecprice
VNC server commit.
3:40 AM Changeset [114] by andersk
import re.
3:31 AM Changeset [113] by ecprice
Initial import of web interface.
3:24 AM Changeset [112] by andersk
Update control from control.in.
3:19 AM Changeset [111] by andersk
version 7
3:16 AM Changeset [110] by andersk
Regex sanity checking.
2:45 AM Changeset [109] by andersk
Add cdrom_image parameter; do some simple regex sanity checking.
1:12 AM Changeset [108] by ecprice
Add a table for boot CDs.

Oct 6, 2007:

8:03 PM Changeset [107] by ecprice
Make ip unique, and constructor for nics.
7:35 PM Changeset [106] by ecprice
nics primary key should be mac address, not hostname.
6:50 PM Changeset [105] by quentin
Allow building with javac 1.5

Oct 5, 2007:

5:32 PM Changeset [104] by andersk
Stuff that works is happy.

Sep 22, 2007:

2:01 PM Changeset [103] by nelhage
Tag 6 of sipb-xen-database
2:00 PM Changeset [102] by nelhage
v6, with a script to autocreate any new logical volumes
1:19 PM Changeset [101] by nelhage
Fix the vif generation for non-hvms

Sep 8, 2007:

4:23 PM Changeset [100] by nelhage
Tag 5 of sipb-xen-database
4:17 PM Changeset [99] by nelhage
v5, change the host to sipb-xen-dev
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