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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#97 Auto-update clone image price defect critical Public Beta autoinstallers
#18 VNC password generation quentin task major vnc
#50 move DNS server off sipb-xen-dev task major Public Beta other
#56 Gutsy ubuntu-desktop for autoinstaller price enhancement major Demo-able autoinstallers
#52 web operations' result pages should be capable of reload ecprice defect minor Demo-able web
#53 web operations hang until (slow) completion price defect minor Demo-able autoinstallers
#57 autoinstaller accept a root password, or make a random one price defect minor Demo-able autoinstallers
#58 autoinstaller use lvcreate --snapshot for speed price enhancement minor Public Beta autoinstallers
#60 purge hostname more completely from autoinstaller image's memory price defect minor Version 2.0 autoinstallers
#112 on /create: "Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected" defect minor xen
#118 Jaunty autoinstaller doesn't set up admin user sudo defect minor autoinstallers
#59 losetup sucks price defect trivial Version 2.0 autoinstallers
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