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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#35 Set up iptables to not forward arbitrary packets to the backend reopened defect critical Public Beta other
#39 Negative ACLs are ignored new defect minor Public Beta web
#71 document "workarounds for other bugs like modifier keys getting stuck or DHCP issues" new defect minor Public Beta web
#94 Authoritative NXDOMAIN responses new defect minor dns
#95 Return error for non-IN classes in DNS server new defect trivial dns
#109 make the power on/off buttons on /info cater to broken browsers new defect minor web
#49 User suspension of VMs new enhancement minor Version 2.0 web
#55 put the VNC applet on its own page new enhancement minor Demo-able web
#62 more console-use tips in help new enhancement minor Public Beta vnc
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