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(edit) @2007   15 years broder Fix the sed invoke from r2006.
(edit) @2006   15 years broder Correct for the network checksumming problem in …
(edit) @2005   15 years broder Punt on_restart, etc information from Xen, and bootloader options. …
(edit) @1992   15 years broder Fix a typo from r1989.
(edit) @1991   15 years broder Add as a CNAME of for testing.
(edit) @1990   15 years broder Fix an accidental typo-uncorrection.
(edit) @1989   15 years broder Fix-up several packages to include the correct Conflicts and Replaces …
(edit) @1987   15 years broder Overwrite all content of a VM's LV before deleting it.
(edit) @1986   15 years price null acl for missing lockers, rather than error
(edit) @1984   15 years broder Shorten the timeout for when queued requests get punted to the next …
(edit) @1983   15 years broder Add a note on how to make multipathed iscsi work
(edit) @1981   15 years broder Remind people to setup ssh to start before clvmd.
(edit) @1980   15 years broder Configure multipath.
(edit) @1979   15 years broder Configure iSCSI on both backend interfaces.
(edit) @1978   15 years broder pyyaml 3.06-1~hardy1 is now in hardy-backports, so we don't need to …
(edit) @1977   15 years broder Update the nics.hostname field to keep it in sync with …
(edit) @1976   15 years quentin Show hostnames for every NIC
(edit) @1974   15 years broder DNS lookups first look in the nics table and then the machines table. …
(edit) @1973   15 years quentin Support listening on a particular interface
(edit) @1972   15 years quentin Standalone VNC client fixes - Correct OpenSSL verification - Pass …
(edit) @1970   15 years quentin Generate VNC certificates that last for 2 years
(edit) @1969   15 years quentin Standalone VNC client in Python, for people who don't want to run Java
(edit) @1968   15 years broder libyaml is now in hardy-backports.
(edit) @1966   15 years quentin Fix typo (silly Emacs...)
(edit) @1965   15 years quentin Include the VNC host and port in the VNC authentication token
(edit) @1964   15 years price fix an old typo
(edit) @1962   15 years broder Clean up invirt-database's .egg-info directory from the right place.
(edit) @1960   15 years broder Correct a lintian warning in invirt-database
(edit) @1959   15 years broder Get tokens for a cell before getting a list membership from that cell. …
(edit) @1958   15 years broder Correct the incomplete fix from r1155
(edit) @1957   15 years price fix a shell conditional
(edit) @1956   15 years andersk Include the sipb-xen-database history in invirt-database-server too.
(edit) @1955   15 years broder Ignore errors from an AFS group not being listable.
(edit) @1954   15 years price add a todo for installability work
(edit) @1953   15 years price default config files (work in progress)
(edit) @1952   15 years price config.todo: invirt-create-image: netmask, gateway
(edit) @1950   15 years price invirt-web: depend on mail-transport-agent, not postfix.
(edit) @1949   15 years price invirt-cache-acls: get afs cell list from invirt-config
(edit) @1948   15 years price add as another authz entry
(edit) @1947   15 years price fix pts mem vulnerability, with new -encrypt option
(edit) @1946   15 years andersk Put some more stuff in YAML.
(edit) @1945   15 years andersk Move lots of information to a YAML database.
(edit) @1944   15 years price rules.mako: indent control flow
(edit) @1943   15 years price fold xvm-console-devconfig back into package-list
(edit) @1942   15 years price pg_hba.conf: remove password-auth localhost lines These interfere …
(edit) @1941   15 years andersk Put the authors file in svn-all-fast-export format.
(edit) @1940   15 years andersk Remove old migration script.
(edit) @1939   15 years broder Fix the RouteFS git import.
(edit) @1938   15 years broder Drop the fork, just exec.
(edit) @1937   15 years andersk Quash the rest of the empty revisions.
(edit) @1936   15 years andersk Use templates to compactify the list of quashed revisions.
(edit) @1935   15 years price invirt.common: handle yaml's None with empty struct for good error message
(edit) @1934   15 years price invirt.common: give clearer error message on missing config variable
(edit) @1933   15 years price invirt.config: fix an error on empty config files
(edit) @1932   15 years andersk Fix the screwed-up sipb-xen-dev/13 tag.
(edit) @1931   15 years andersk Remove confusing (/|$) except where it's needed.
(edit) @1930   15 years price tweak xvm-iscsi-config.init to emit log messages correctly
(edit) @1929   15 years price document better
(edit) @1928   15 years price degrade to non-bash gracefully
(edit) @1926   15 years price invirt.config.run_parts_list: fix unclear docstring
(edit) @1925   15 years price xvm-iscsi-config: print restart message only if settings actually …
(edit) @1923   15 years price xvm-iscsi-config: don't restart on upgrade, only first install
(edit) @1922   15 years andersk Use the upstream Git repo for python-routefs.
(edit) @1921   15 years andersk Add the xvm-host-setup-notes (into doc/xvm) and scripts/*.
(edit) @1920   15 years andersk Add trunk/dns and epic grafting.
(edit) @1915   15 years price cut -storage-config, move -clster-config dependency to xvm-host
(edit) @1914   15 years andersk More fixups.
(edit) @1912   15 years andersk Add invirt-manual-config to git-migration.
(edit) @1910   15 years price move apticron, molly-guard dependencies to xvm metapackages from …
(edit) @1907   15 years price invirt-manual-config
(edit) @1906   15 years andersk I think I'm starting to get a hang of this whole svn thing, now.
(edit) @1905   15 years andersk This is almost working.
(edit) @1904   15 years broder Punt empty directory tree.
(edit) @1903   15 years andersk Use authors file.
(edit) @1902   15 years andersk Accept the path to the svn repository as an argument.
(edit) @1901   15 years andersk Partial work on a svn-all-fast-export based Git migrator.
(edit) @1900   15 years broder Start pulling the tags. Of course...right now they'll get lost as soon …
(edit) @1899   15 years broder Remove the refs/original from the first round of filter-branch.
(edit) @1898   15 years broder Use filter-branch to correct the trunk/packages/$package/$package …
(edit) @1897   15 years broder Add back sipb-xen-chrony-config and sipb-xen-clvm-config for the sake …
(edit) @1896   15 years broder More cleanup.
(edit) @1895   15 years broder Use a full repo path so we can expand to include trunk/scripts later.
(edit) @1894   15 years broder Do at least a little cleanup.
(edit) @1893   15 years broder Here's a version that's more likely to work.
(edit) @1892   15 years broder Simplify out the need to know the CWD.
(edit) @1891   15 years broder Apparently git ls-files shows the status of the index, which doesn't …
(edit) @1890   15 years broder I'm not happy with the semantics of that first go at mergeHistory. …
(edit) @1889   15 years broder Typo in catching blank lines.
(edit) @1888   15 years broder Newer versions of git are more clever.
(edit) @1887   15 years broder Topologically sort the merges file.
(edit) @1886   15 years broder Fill out the full list of merges (unsorted).
(edit) @1885   15 years broder Don't convert some stale, punted packages.
(edit) @1884   15 years broder Grafts is a poor name for the list of merges. Let's call it merges instead.
(edit) @1883   15 years broder Actually run the git filter-branch, then delete the packages that have …
(edit) @1882   15 years broder Create the info/grafts files.
(edit) @1881   15 years broder Start by pushing revisions around as necessary for merging.
(edit) @1880   15 years broder Add code to parse the grafts file.
(edit) @1879   15 years broder Add a dummy grafts entry for testing. More to come later.
(edit) @1878   15 years broder Create specification for grafts file. No entries in the file yet - …
(edit) @1877   15 years broder Punt shortlived xvm-console-devconfig with dead-end history from the …
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