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(edit) @2813   15 years broder I don't trust test's boolean operators.
(edit) @2802   15 years broder Missed one place we used "superrepo".
(edit) @2801   15 years broder Superproject, not superrepo, is git's term for a repo that contains …
(edit) @2542   15 years broder Move the invirtibuilder into invirt-dev as a first step towards …
(edit) @2539   15 years broder Disallow pushing to submodule branches that are tracking branches for …
(edit) @2538   15 years broder First crack at the invirtibuilder. No promises of functionality yet.
(edit) @2503   15 years broder In the submodule update hook, reject pushes to anything but branches.
(edit) @2502   15 years broder Update the zephyr-post-receive hook from the snippets locker.
(edit) @2501   15 years broder Since the zephyr-post-receive is only being used in the submodule, …
(edit) @2500   15 years broder Replace the superrepo hooks with an update hook that rejects all pushes.
(edit) @2499   15 years broder Implement update hook for git submodules.
(edit) @2498   15 years broder Update git-hooks notes with new vision for how git works.
(edit) @2358   15 years price update git-hooks notes to reflect asynchronous design
(edit) @2355   15 years price integrate most of invirt-build-receive into build-pre-receive
(edit) @2350   15 years price revise pseudocode in notes to be more robust
(edit) @2349   15 years price begin to sketch git pre-receive hook
(edit) @2324   15 years price reorganize git-hooks Also chmod +x. We'll find out if git-svn is …
(add) @2323   15 years price stub git hooks: for now, they zephyr
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