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(edit) @245   17 years price Prototype fast installer using a special guest. Rather than poke …
(edit) @243   17 years quentin Remove unnecessary constructors Rename disk to disk_size in some (but …
(edit) @241   17 years quentin Make sipb-xen-database-tables safer
(edit) @239   17 years quentin Update changelog
(edit) @238   17 years quentin Add a machine_access table where access information will be cached
(edit) @231   17 years price prototype fast installer. To install a distribution on a new volume, …
(edit) @225   17 years tabbott update changelog too!
(edit) @224   17 years tabbott bugfix
(edit) @223   17 years price new remctl command "install" to invoke autoinstaller e.g., $ …
(edit) @222   17 years price simplify isolinux.cfg. Once we fix the problem of rebooting with the …
(edit) @221   17 years price postinst script, nicer pathnames, and read password hash from a file …
(edit) @218   17 years price Use temp directory, use DHCP, and live in sane paths. The partial/ …
(edit) @217   17 years tabbott have the web interface ACL file in the repository
(edit) @215   17 years andersk Since we're using the stock sid sources backported to etch now, I'm …
(edit) @213   17 years andersk Depend on generic metapackages/provides instead of particular versions.
(edit) @212   17 years tabbott don't reboot machine when create a running VM.
(edit) @204   17 years ecprice Add repr.
(edit) @201   17 years price a system for building guest images on demand (partially implemented) …
(edit) @199   17 years tabbott
(edit) @198   17 years tabbott more remctl interface changes.
(edit) @196   17 years tabbott more updates to remctl code. Now "reboot" on the web interface will …
(edit) @195   17 years tabbott restructuring of remctl code and interface
(edit) @175   17 years ecprice Fix errors on lvresize to equal or smaller value.
(edit) @174   17 years ecprice Actually suppress the error, without suppressing code errors.
(edit) @172   17 years ecprice No changes.
(edit) @170   17 years ecprice Increment version number.
(edit) @168   17 years ecprice Allow administrators.
(edit) @160   17 years tabbott actually don't check for errors
(edit) @156   17 years tabbott Make lvcreate-all work.
(edit) @155   17 years tabbott fix bug in the lvcreate-all script.
(edit) @151   17 years andersk Bump version.
(edit) @150   17 years ecprice Another bugfix.
(edit) @149   17 years ecprice Tim, please run python on your code to verify that it parses properly.
(edit) @148   17 years ecprice Changed version numbers.
(edit) @146   17 years tabbott 1) reworking of lvm stuff into a single python script rather than a …
(edit) @142   17 years tabbott throw error when disk creation fails
(edit) @141   17 years tabbott More web interface support code.
(edit) @137   17 years ecprice Machine -> type relation
(edit) @132   17 years tabbott remctl support for renaming machines
(edit) @130   17 years tabbott more support for web interface fixes
(edit) @129   17 years tabbott more remctl support for web interface
(edit) @127   17 years tabbott more web interface updates
(edit) @126   17 years tabbott fixed to work with web interface.
(edit) @124   17 years tabbott machine_name is the argument to the database
(edit) @123   17 years tabbott Moved the lvcreate thing to /usr/sbin.
(edit) @122   17 years tabbott Add another remctl command for webland.
(edit) @121   17 years tabbott Move things around and add web interface support code.
(edit) @117   17 years ecprice exit is defined elsewhere, so we use sys.exit.
(edit) @116   17 years andersk Actually import re.
(edit) @114   17 years andersk import re.
(edit) @112   17 years andersk Update control from
(edit) @111   17 years andersk version 7
(edit) @110   17 years andersk Regex sanity checking.
(edit) @109   17 years andersk Add cdrom_image parameter; do some simple regex sanity checking.
(edit) @108   17 years ecprice Add a table for boot CDs.
(edit) @107   17 years ecprice Make ip unique, and constructor for nics.
(edit) @106   17 years ecprice nics primary key should be mac address, not hostname.
(edit) @104   17 years andersk Stuff that works is happy.
(edit) @102   17 years nelhage v6, with a script to autocreate any new logical volumes
(edit) @101   17 years nelhage Fix the vif generation for non-hvms
(edit) @99   17 years nelhage v5, change the host to sipb-xen-dev
(edit) @97   17 years hartmans sipb-xen-dev is the new name
(edit) @95   17 years hartmans * Add qemu-ifup script that depends on the device model script and …
(edit) @94   17 years hartmans set forwarding to 1 before changing the other settings as changing …
(edit) @92   17 years nelhage version 4
(edit) @91   17 years nelhage Adding script=vif-sipbroute to database-managed VMs vif = [] line
(edit) @89   17 years hartmans * Fix typo in init script * depend on dsniff for arpspoof
(edit) @87   17 years hartmans * Add qemu-dm-sipb written by andersk to get us the domain ID in …
(edit) @85   17 years nelhage Add a connect() call to sipb-database and make some changes
(edit) @84   17 years nelhage Typo fix in the database script
(edit) @83   17 years nelhage -common shouldn't depend on the postgresql server
(edit) @81   17 years nelhage A new version with less broken init scripts
(edit) @80   17 years nelhage svn:ignore debian build products
(edit) @77   17 years nelhage Adding postini and prerm scripts for sipb-xen-database-server
(edit) @76   17 years nelhage Fix the distribution in the changelog
(edit) @74   17 years nelhage New version of sipb-xen-dev
(edit) @73   17 years nelhage Updating the svn uri in sx-build-release
(edit) @72   17 years nelhage svn:ignore some generated files
(edit) @71   17 years nelhage Install the Xen conf file in the appropriate place for the client.
(edit) @70   17 years nelhage Rename the -auto files to be correctly named
(edit) @69   17 years nelhage Adding glue to build python packages
(edit) @68   17 years nelhage Skeleton CDBS packaging for database packages
(edit) @67   17 years hartmans We want security updates too
(edit) @65   17 years nelhage Filling in the gaps in This is completely untested.
(edit) @64   17 years nelhage The types table needs a boolean hvm
(edit) @63   17 years andersk Stop scaring me with unquoted variables.
(edit) @60   17 years hartmans Fix typo
(edit) @59   17 years hartmans New package to represent dom0 configuration
(edit) @57   17 years hartmans Use svn export not co so we don't get svn directories installed
(edit) @56   17 years hartmans Use svn export not co so we don't get svn directories installed
(edit) @54   17 years hartmans Include our mirror
(edit) @53   17 years hartmans s/sipb-xen/debian
(edit) @49   17 years hartmans Do not auto update control
(edit) @48   17 years hartmans Create sipb-xen base package to install apt configuration and …
(edit) @47   17 years hartmans Fix spelling error
(edit) @44   17 years hartmans Update chaneglog
(edit) @43   17 years hartmans Delete an extra copy of the xen sources
(edit) @42   17 years hartmans Stamp out .svn for great justice
(edit) @40   17 years hartmans Set distribution to unstable
(edit) @37   17 years hartmans Add graphviz dependency
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