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(edit) @771   16 years y_z - added timestamp-based JSON caching of configuration for faster …
(edit) @770   16 years geofft sipb-xen-www: Use invirt.config to pick the VNC proxy port.
(edit) @768   16 years price add kstart apache wrapper; update control
(edit) @766   16 years price back to 2.4 compatibility Not dealing right now with a comprehensive …
(edit) @765   16 years price small adjustments to mod_dav_svn config
(edit) @764   16 years price remove obsolete file
(edit) @763   16 years ecprice Make xen-tools scripts executable
(edit) @762   16 years ecprice Add autoinstall to sipb-database.
(edit) @760   16 years ecprice Change autoinstaller host to be only arguments to sipb-database
(edit) @758   16 years ecprice And dch -i
(edit) @757   16 years ecprice Work around bug #242576 in xen-tools by depending on lvm2.
(edit) @756   16 years ecprice init's symlink must be relative.
(edit) @755   16 years ecprice Correct location for busybox
(edit) @753   16 years ecprice dch -i, of course.
(edit) @752   16 years ecprice Divert /etc/init.d/rcS
(edit) @750   16 years ecprice dch -i
(edit) @749   16 years ecprice Add more dependencies.
(edit) @748   16 years price in config, put host hostnames in values, not keys
(edit) @745   16 years ecprice Rename package.
(edit) @744   16 years ecprice More movement
(edit) @743   16 years ecprice Throw out old old installer.
(edit) @742   16 years ecprice Change package name
(edit) @741   16 years ecprice New guest-based autoinstaller
(edit) @740   16 years ecprice We're installing paravms, so don't spawn a separate serial console login
(edit) @737   16 years y_z added .version specifying python 2.5 only; updated changelog
(edit) @736   16 years y_z added y_z to .k5login
(edit) @734   16 years y_z updated changelog
(edit) @733   16 years y_z simple initial version of invirt-getconf simply reads & navigates …
(edit) @732   16 years ecprice Don't bother avoiding checksums.
(edit) @731   16 years ecprice Use symlink instead.
(edit) @730   16 years ecprice Remove copied 91-make-fstab
(edit) @729   16 years y_z switched to python2.5
(edit) @727   16 years y_z updated changelog
(edit) @726   16 years y_z started adding simple configuration-loading module and getconfig …
(edit) @725   16 years price begin a Python package 'invirt'
(edit) @724   16 years price add a YAML config file with near-complete info
(edit) @723   16 years price changelog, including work since May
(edit) @722   16 years price update debian/control in remote-server
(edit) @721   16 years price fix another race in remctl interface This had caused some 500s with a …
(edit) @719   16 years price fix control,, and changelog in guest installer This …
(edit) @718   16 years price changelog
(edit) @717   16 years price xenstore isn't even consistent in what happens on error Usually when …
(edit) @716   16 years price but use non-misleading name in listvms
(edit) @715   16 years price revert r714 for speed The xen.lowlevel interface is 66ms on …
(edit) @714   16 years price use a slightly cleaner Xen API in listvms
(edit) @712   16 years price fix a race in listvms when a machine is shutting down Also tell the …
(edit) @710   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @709   16 years price update sipb-xen-console-server for current config-package-dev
(edit) @708   16 years price simplify host's
(edit) @707   16 years price don't hardcode host's hostname in
(edit) @706   16 years price on console, get Kerberos realm from config
(edit) @702   16 years price reload config changes on xvm-devconfig postinst
(edit) @701   16 years price first cut of xvm-devconfig
(edit) @700   16 years price remove xvm-console-devconfig
(edit) @699   16 years price generate console config from /etc/invirt/* at start/reload
(edit) @697   16 years price changelog
(edit) @696   16 years price use sipb-xen-base on console
(edit) @695   16 years price fix a different errortext-matching mismatch Gee, looks like I should …
(edit) @694   16 years price fix same error as r692 in two more places
(edit) @693   16 years price don't give 500 for mere stdout on a redirect
(edit) @692   16 years price update to match current error messages
(edit) @691   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @689   16 years price fix distribution; gee thanks, Ubuntu dch
(edit) @687   16 years price fix diversions in xvm-console-devconfig
(edit) @683   16 years price update sipb-xen-console for current config-package-dev
(edit) @681   16 years price leave out debathena-system so we get only the packages we ask for …
(edit) @680   16 years price svn:ignore built packages
(edit) @679   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @678   16 years price move console-server config to a config package
(edit) @675   16 years price update host-master package and notes
(edit) @673   16 years price sipb-xen-base: include debathena to make stuff like kerberos config easier
(edit) @672   16 years price multiplex conserver across hosts
(edit) @671   16 years quentin Boot VMs as HVM when there is a boot CD, regardless of machine type
(edit) @670   16 years ecprice Fix statement about autoinstall's password
(edit) @669   16 years price reformat iptables.rules a bit
(edit) @668   16 years price iptables forward for sx-blade-2 VNC
(edit) @667   16 years price web: support sx-blade-2 for VNC applet Currently hardcodes host->port …
(edit) @666   16 years price web remove newline in listHost
(edit) @665   16 years price remote-create: document load-balancing algorithm We take the host …
(edit) @664   16 years price remote-create: keep output in order
(edit) @663   16 years price document listhost in help
(edit) @662   16 years price web: say where a VM is running
(edit) @661   16 years price remctl .. control .. listhost: say where a VM is running
(edit) @660   16 years price start load-balancing over hosts We're now a replicated service. …
(edit) @659   16 years price sipb-xen-remote-proxy: refactor argument parsing and passing
(edit) @658   16 years price code to load-balance boots among hosts
(edit) @657   16 years price a sipb-xen-remctl-auto file that's been unchecked-in for a while
(edit) @656   16 years price check in Quentin's remote-listvmsd
(edit) @655   16 years price check in Anders' image source Just the 'on' state, though, and …
(edit) @654   16 years price what I meant, in Python > This is what happens when you have a race …
(edit) @653   16 years price err, what I meant This is what happens when you have a race you can't …
(edit) @652   16 years price fix a race based on rwbarton's error message
(edit) @651   16 years broder Restructuring code to correctly return NXDOMAIN on non-A-record requests
(edit) @650   16 years broder Empty the authority and additional sections to prevent infinite loops …
(edit) @649   16 years ecprice More accurate error message for new machine naming guidelines.
(edit) @648   16 years ecprice More accurate validMachineName (no _, 63 character limit).
(edit) @647   16 years ecprice Only allow lowercase machine names
(edit) @646   16 years broder Canonicalize anything we get to lower case
(edit) @645   16 years broder Always return an additional section
(edit) @644   16 years andersk Power button tweaks from the hackathon.
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