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(edit) @3049   14 years gdb Updated changelog of xvm-*config packages
(edit) @3031   14 years gdb Updated XVM config
(edit) @3026   14 years gdb Added gdb to the don't-send-error-mail list
(edit) @3007   14 years price update k5login for new maintainers, part 2 of 2
(edit) @3005   14 years price update k5login for new maintainers, part 1 of 2
(edit) @3002   14 years broder New master server, new apt repo key. Maybe we'll have backups next time.
(edit) @3000   14 years gdb Fixed the description in the control file
(edit) @2999   14 years gdb Added babylon-four to the list of hosts
(edit) @2996   14 years broder In xvm-prodconfig: * WHOO NEW SERVERS! (Add discovery-one and …
(edit) @2990   14 years broder Add an option to xvm-{prod,dev}config.
(edit) @2976   14 years gdb Added an internal_ip config entry.
(edit) @2940   14 years broder Run invirt-reload directly in the postinst of the fooconfig packages. …
(edit) @2938   14 years broder In xvm-prodconfig: * OpenAIS assumes that bind addresses are /24s, …
(edit) @2933   14 years broder Fix up the spacing in the xvm-prodconfig changelog.
(edit) @2925   14 years broder Add "cluster" blocks to {dev,prod}config for configuration openais.
(edit) @2897   14 years gdb Rearranged networking and lvm entries in prodconfig
(edit) @2852   15 years gdb Added network entries prod config
(edit) @2767   15 years broder The authz.mech option in configuration is no longer used.
(edit) @2602   15 years broder Move XVM's locker authorization code into a separate xvm-authz-locker …
(edit) @2593   15 years broder Rename the "git" tree in the configuration to "build" to be more accurate.
(edit) @2590   15 years broder Store AFS cell configuration at authz.afs.cells instead of just …
(edit) @2574   15 years broder As noted in the docstring, if we …
(edit) @2557   15 years broder Re-arrange the authz configuration. In particular, even if we allow …
(edit) @2514   15 years broder Rearrange the git configuration slightly: - List "pockets" instead of …
(edit) @2505   15 years broder Split the tagger name and e-mail out into separate fields.
(edit) @2504   15 years broder Add a tagger value to the xvm-prodconfig to indicate who should tag …
(edit) @2497   15 years broder Add configuration for the git repositories. This will propogate into …
(edit) @2360   15 years broder In xvm-prodconfig: * Add a CNAME to the zone file to make Vista …
(edit) @2278   15 years broder Add a entry in xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig for who …
(edit) @2216   15 years broder In xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig: * Make adminacl a global …
(edit) @2205   15 years quentin Add to the list of domains we are authoritative for
(edit) @2118   15 years broder Specify whether to authenticate PRDB lookups for each AFS cell in the …
(edit) @2089   15 years price ship s_master etc rather than s_master.mako etc
(edit) @2055   15 years price eth2 ->
(edit) @2039   15 years price move sysvms/* into xvm-prodconfig from invirt-xen-config
(edit) @2010   15 years broder Explicitly depend on a trigger-capable invirt-base in xvm-*config.
(edit) @2009   15 years broder Use a trigger in invirt-base to run invirt-reload instead of the …
(edit) @1991   15 years broder Add as a CNAME of for testing.
(edit) @1948   16 years price add as another authz entry
(edit) @1843   16 years broder config.kerberos shouldn't be a list
(edit) @1835   16 years broder Move authn section of master.yaml to new kerberos section
(edit) @1834   16 years broder Alphabetize master.yaml
(edit) @1832   16 years broder Reserve the name "help" because remctl remote control help wouldn't work
(edit) @1796   16 years broder Override the lintian warning about installing files in /root
(edit) @1795   16 years broder Cleanup some lintian warnings about the control file
(edit) @1794   16 years broder Don't use an explicit path in the postinst
(edit) @1793   16 years broder Move the prod .k5login file to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @1766   16 years andersk Clean up stray conflict markers.
(edit) @1760   16 years broder Add a specification for a monitoring host (i.e. syn) This will be …
(edit) @1678   16 years broder Remove a stray dot from the config
(edit) @1675   16 years broder The trac URI doesn't want to have a trailing slash
(edit) @1668   16 years broder Move trac to scripts
(edit) @1653   16 years broder Change the webacl to xvm-root
(edit) @1643   16 years broder Reconfigure prod as the production cluster!
(edit) @1521   16 years broder Add citadel-station and aperture-science to the prod config. We can …
(edit) @1491   16 years broder Take advantage of the new multi-word zone file entries to explain why …
(edit) @1487   16 years broder Zone files use semicolons instead of hashes for comments
(edit) @1484   16 years broder *sigh* Actually close the changelog entry
(edit) @1483   16 years broder Forgot to actually install the zone file
(edit) @1480   16 years broder Add a default zone file for domains we don't want people taking
(edit) @1479   16 years broder Punt unnecessarily deep files/ tree from xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @1455   16 years broder Argh. I should just delete directories directly through svn from now on
(edit) @1453   16 years broder Punt sysvm configs from xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @1372   16 years broder sipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists
(edit) @1348   16 years broder xvm-2 is now xvm-dev
(edit) @1298   16 years broder The name of the database and the database username changed as a result …
(edit) @1205   16 years price fix our copyright files E.g., this is free software.
(edit) @1157   16 years price name the web admin ACL more descriptively as system:xvm-webacl
(edit) @1143   16 years broder console and remote's IP addresses changed, too
(edit) @1141   16 years broder Move the remote and console servers to more sensible hostnames
(edit) @1138   16 years broder Change the web admin ACL to use null instances instead of root …
(edit) @1110   16 years broder Quote asterisks in prodconfig, beacuse they're special in YAML
(edit) @1108   16 years broder Update xvm-prodconfig to use
(edit) @1103   16 years price use wildcard for config.web.errormail_exclude Once prod is really …
(edit) @1070   16 years broder Move the console server to
(edit) @1060   16 years broder Apparently 100003 isn't a real port - fixing the vnc config
(edit) @1056   16 years broder Add the necessary vnc config section for sipb-xen-iptables
(edit) @1032   16 years broder Add dhcp section to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @1021   16 years broder Add a svn.uri config frob
(edit) @1006   16 years broder Update the dns prod config to be less of a lie, at least for now
(edit) @999   16 years broder Add DNS to prodconfig
(edit) @993   16 years price add console section to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @987   16 years broder Update master.yaml to include shadow-moses and arklay-mansion
(edit) @979   16 years broder Add remote section to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @959   16 years price fix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs Didn't …
(edit) @944   16 years price add web, svn, trac sections to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @941   16 years price add some system-vm xen configs
(edit) @936   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @935   16 years price config packages depend on sipb-xen-base
(edit) @919   16 years hartmans Add database ip
(edit) @916   16 years hartmans Add apt key
(edit) @909   16 years hartmans Finish rename of devconfig to prodconfig
(copy) @906   16 years hartmans Add initial prodconfig
copied from trunk/packages/xvm-devconfig:
(edit) @880   16 years y_z more sipb-xen-www config
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