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(edit) @2506   15 years price Add jiawen to xvm-dev as reflected in k5login.
(edit) @2479   15 years price Add oremanj to xvm-dev as reflected in k5login.
(edit) @2474   15 years price Add ppasupat, burrows, jontec, gyz to xvm-dev as reflected in k5login, …
(edit) @2465   15 years price Add pweaver to xvm-dev as reflected in the dev k5login.
(edit) @2463   15 years price Forward dev-cluster automail to xvm-dev-auto rather than xvm@.
(edit) @2461   15 years broder For the dev cluster, send root's mail to xvm-dev@…, instead of …
(edit) @2459   15 years price Add adehnert to xvm-dev as reflected in the dev k5login.
(edit) @2457   15 years broder In xvm-devconfig: * Sync the k5login with xvm-dev (add mitchb).
(edit) @2278   15 years broder Add a entry in xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig for who …
(edit) @2242   15 years broder No really. I don't want mail from dev. Ever.
(edit) @2232   15 years broder Use the slightly more restrictive xvm-dev instead of xvm for the dev …
(edit) @2216   15 years broder In xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig: * Make adminacl a global …
(edit) @2197   15 years quentin Reverse-resolution support in invirt-dns
(edit) @2195   15 years quentin Act authoritative for
(edit) @2130   15 years quentin Add quentin to errormail_exclude
(edit) @2118   15 years broder Specify whether to authenticate PRDB lookups for each AFS cell in the …
(edit) @2102   15 years broder Add iannucci to the dev acl.
(edit) @2088   15 years price add sysvm configs to xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2074   15 years broder Add the dhcp block to xvm-devconfig.
(edit) @2071   15 years broder Typo fix. /Actually/ install the dev k5login.
(edit) @2069   15 years broder Add ezyang to the dev acl.
(edit) @2068   15 years broder Two hosts! Add torchwood-institute to the xvm-devconfig master.yaml.
(edit) @2066   15 years price add nathan_ to dev acl.
(edit) @2062   15 years price configure vnc in xvm-devconfig
(edit) @2055   15 years price eth2 ->
(edit) @2050   15 years price include trac in xvm-devconfig, to make invirt-web happy
(edit) @2044   15 years broder Fix the xvm-devconfig maintainer field.
(edit) @2043   15 years broder Add the dev cluster .k5login to xvm-devconfig.
(edit) @2038   15 years broder Punt unnecessarily deep files/ directory structure in xvm-devconfig.
(edit) @2032   15 years price new xvm-devconfig, first draft
(edit) @2010   15 years broder Explicitly depend on a trigger-capable invirt-base in xvm-*config.
(edit) @2009   15 years broder Use a trigger in invirt-base to run invirt-reload instead of the …
(edit) @1645   16 years broder Reconfigure dev as dev
(edit) @1505   16 years broder Use instead of as the database hostname
(edit) @1372   16 years broder sipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists
(edit) @1347   16 years broder Change the names of the remote and console servers on dev
(edit) @1227   16 years broder Kill DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL in xvm-devconfig
(edit) @1205   16 years price fix our copyright files E.g., this is free software.
(edit) @954   16 years broder Update master.yaml to reflect new name for sx-blade-2
(edit) @935   16 years price config packages depend on sipb-xen-base
(edit) @921   16 years y_z * Added domain for sipb-xen-dns.
(edit) @878   16 years y_z * added configs for sipb-xen-www
(edit) @870   16 years price in xvm-devconfig, add more config for web interface
(edit) @850   16 years y_z added for sipb-xen-dns
(edit) @845   16 years y_z added decomposition of DB URI (for sipb-xen-console)
(edit) @842   16 years price finish configuration of sipb-xen-database; add network config to …
(edit) @822   16 years price sign packages in apt repo
(edit) @812   16 years price remove deprecated /etc/invirt/hosts, /etc/invirt/realm
(edit) @748   16 years price in config, put host hostnames in values, not keys
(edit) @724   16 years price add a YAML config file with near-complete info
(edit) @702   16 years price reload config changes on xvm-devconfig postinst
(add) @701   16 years price first cut of xvm-devconfig
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