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(edit) @834   16 years y_z use invirt config in sipb-xen-lvm and to generate /etc/remctl/acl/remote
(edit) @810   16 years price todo lists for configuration I looked through all the code for …
(edit) @805   16 years price update control in sipb-xen-remctl-auto didn't match also …
(edit) @718   16 years price changelog
(edit) @717   16 years price xenstore isn't even consistent in what happens on error Usually when …
(edit) @716   16 years price but use non-misleading name in listvms
(edit) @715   16 years price revert r714 for speed The xen.lowlevel interface is 66ms on …
(edit) @714   16 years price use a slightly cleaner Xen API in listvms
(edit) @712   16 years price fix a race in listvms when a machine is shutting down Also tell the …
(edit) @657   16 years price a sipb-xen-remctl-auto file that's been unchecked-in for a while
(edit) @654   16 years price what I meant, in Python > This is what happens when you have a race …
(edit) @653   16 years price err, what I meant This is what happens when you have a race you can't …
(edit) @652   16 years price fix a race based on rwbarton's error message
(edit) @564   16 years andersk s/CDumper/CSafeDumper/, because it's "Safe"?
(edit) @563   16 years andersk TURBOYAML!!1
(edit) @553   16 years quentin Support YAML (default), JSON, and Pickle formats, depending on the …
(edit) @551   16 years broder Use YAML on listvms
(edit) @533   16 years quentin Compute uptime on the server so time drift doesn't cause problems
(edit) @531   16 years quentin Use more efficient python API to get VM information
(edit) @524   16 years price switch to just accepting from remote
(edit) @501   16 years price remove obsolete vmboot line from remctl config
(edit) @442   16 years ecprice Close file descriptors for update-conserver on destroy/shutdown
(edit) @439   16 years broder Bug fix - fixes #80
(edit) @397   16 years broder Create and destroy conserver consoles through a Python script, instead …
(edit) @386   16 years broder Change to using conserver instead of ssh
(edit) @339   16 years price expose lvcopy in remctl
(copy) @315   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Finish the job.
copied from trunk/packages/tmp/sipb-xen-remctl-auto/sipb-xen-remctl-auto:
(copy) @314   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Doing the other …
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