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(edit) @1257   16 years broder sipb-xen-dom0 -> invirt-xen-config
(edit) @1205   16 years price fix our copyright files E.g., this is free software.
(edit) @1149   16 years broder Fix DHCP checksum error for ParaVMs
(edit) @1134   16 years broder Whoops - was slightly too vicious with the cuts to qemu-dm-sipb
(edit) @1130   16 years broder Fix networking for HVM guests
(edit) @1087   16 years price record a configurization todo in sipb-xen-dom0 This is pointed out in …
(edit) @1085   16 years broder Apply Sam's fix to vif-sipbroute from shadow-moses
(edit) @1077   16 years broder Update qemu-dm-sipb to reflect the new location of qemu-dm
(edit) @997   16 years price sipb-xen-dom0 depend on sipb-xen-base
(edit) @949   16 years price remove DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=.svn from rules files The right solution is …
(edit) @934   16 years price allow linux-xen as dependency for sipb-xen-dom0 This is the ubuntu …
(edit) @933   16 years price exclude .svn in builds
(edit) @847   16 years quentin Bump min dom0 memory to 1G, to prevent memory starvation (is this …
(edit) @810   16 years price todo lists for configuration I looked through all the code for …
(edit) @776   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @500   16 years andersk losetup -f finds an unused loop device.
(edit) @492   16 years andersk Don't rely on exported $ROOT.
(edit) @485   16 years price changelogs Becoming a responsible debian-packaging developer now that …
(edit) @449   16 years price sipb-xen-losetup: a half-sane way to use losetup You should use this …
(copy) @315   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Finish the job.
copied from trunk/packages/tmp/sipb-xen-dom0/sipb-xen-dom0:
(copy) @314   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Doing the other …
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