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(edit) @1018   16 years broder Update SQLAlchemy code in sipb-xen-dns
(edit) @1004   16 years broder Actually include a requirement for twisted.names
(edit) @1002   16 years broder Bring sipb-xen-dns into alignment with more standard packaging practices
(edit) @942   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @924   16 years y_z will be running on citadel-station
(edit) @922   16 years y_z * Search for longest-matching domain name instead of first-matching. …
(edit) @913   16 years geofft Add "passup" and "parent" options to the DNS config, to allow …
(edit) @851   16 years y_z * sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database * use invirt.config in …
(edit) @849   16 years price update SOA record for the order of things
(edit) @810   16 years price todo lists for configuration I looked through all the code for …
(edit) @651   16 years broder Restructuring code to correctly return NXDOMAIN on non-A-record requests
(edit) @650   16 years broder Empty the authority and additional sections to prevent infinite loops …
(edit) @646   16 years broder Canonicalize anything we get to lower case
(edit) @645   16 years broder Always return an additional section
(edit) @643   16 years broder MUST NOT (in RFC terms) be a CNAME
(edit) @582   16 years broder Attempting to close #92 and #93
(edit) @541   16 years broder Return an NS record in the authority section instead of SOA
(edit) @508   16 years ecprice CNAME to
(edit) @505   16 years ecprice Support as well.
(edit) @319   16 years broder Fixed a bug in the DNS startup script and the dependencies for sipb-xen-www
(edit) @312   16 years ecprice Undo accidental commit in -r 311.
(edit) @311   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. This is a temporary …
(edit) @302   16 years ecprice Work around stale database connections (#4) in the DNS server
(edit) @300   16 years ecprice Clear the sql cache for dns and dhcp, fixing #42.
(edit) @283   16 years broder DNS server would now log any output to LOG_DAEMON...of course there …
(edit) @276   16 years broder Contact info for the two new packages should be sipb-xen@
(edit) @272   16 years broder And...we changed the port, so this wasn't accurate
(edit) @271   16 years broder A couple fixups to the sipb-xen-dns package. Also, testing commits …
(edit) @270   16 years broder Forgot to chmod the DNS server +x
(edit) @269   16 years broder Created init scripts and moved script into sipb-xen-dns …
(add) @268   16 years tabbott Initial checkin of sipb-xen-dns package.
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