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(edit) @1216   16 years price shorten sipb-xen-database-server initscript too
(edit) @1205   16 years price fix our copyright files E.g., this is free software.
(edit) @1174   16 years price yet another new-sqlalchemy fix, this one post-0.4.2; grr
(edit) @1152   16 years broder Catch calls to restart Postgres and translate them into a sequential …
(edit) @1136   16 years broder invirt.database.clear_cache should actually do something
(edit) @1132   16 years broder Remove bridge specification from sipb-database
(edit) @1126   16 years broder Fix a typo in sipb-database's CDROM image path
(edit) @1104   16 years price fix dumb textual mistakes in sipb-xen-database-server initscript
(edit) @1101   16 years broder Fix a typo in the CDROM lookup in sipb-database
(edit) @1098   16 years broder Don't strip quotes in sipb-database that won't be there
(edit) @1091   16 years broder Update the sipb-database script to match the remctl interface
(edit) @1090   16 years broder Look for CD images in /dev/xenvg/image_* and validate them against the …
(edit) @1079   16 years broder Some fixes in the sipb-database Xen config script
(edit) @1041   16 years broder Re-establish the database connection if the server goes AWOL
(edit) @1016   16 years broder Update /etc/xen/sipb-database to work with newer SQLAlchemy and Xen
(edit) @1014   16 years broder The database wants to be not transactional, and not autoflushing
(edit) @1008   16 years broder Update sipb-xen- Update invirt.database to not be transactional by default
(edit) @991   16 years price more sqlalchemy-0.4 changes
(edit) @989   16 years price sipb-xen-database-server: fix init script, expand pg_hba.conf
(edit) @976   16 years broder Update sipb-xen-database for Postgres 8.3
(edit) @974   16 years price port to postgresql 8.3
(edit) @972   16 years price don't specify (old) version of postgresql
(edit) @959   16 years price fix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs Didn't …
(edit) @946   16 years price port sipb-xen-database to sqlalchemy-0.4 Apparently they like …
(edit) @923   16 years hartmans Fix mindless typo in filenames
(edit) @918   16 years hartmans Generate pg_hba.conf and install postgresql.conf so that installing …
(edit) @874   16 years price add and respect 'adminable' column to machines This is for …
(edit) @842   16 years price finish configuration of sipb-xen-database; add network config to …
(edit) @836   16 years price update sipb-xen-database-tables
(edit) @829   16 years price get db uri from invirt.config in sipb-database
(edit) @828   16 years price check in uncommitted changes to /etc/xen/sipb-database on black-mesa
(edit) @826   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @824   16 years price rename sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database Keeping old name for now, …
(edit) @630   16 years ecprice Database changes for autoinstalls
(edit) @610   16 years andersk Bump sipb-xen-database version.
(edit) @593   16 years ecprice Yet Another dch -i.
(edit) @590   16 years ecprice The usual delayed dch -i.
(edit) @556   16 years ecprice Actually increment the version number.
(edit) @555   16 years ecprice Perform eager caching of machine properties.
(edit) @490   16 years quentin Configure serial console on boot
(edit) @456   16 years price changelogs
(edit) @454   16 years price depend on psql client
(edit) @443   16 years ecprice Support autoinstalls table for creation list.
(edit) @433   16 years andersk Enable USB tablet device in guests.
(copy) @313   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. Finish temporary …
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(copy) @311   16 years ecprice Getting rid of the two-layered package structure. This is a temporary …
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