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(edit) @1121   16 years broder Add a dummy console for the console server's conserver in case no VMs …
(edit) @1072   16 years broder Update nss-pgsql.conf.mako to reflect new (more sane) config file format
(edit) @1068   16 years broder nscd.conf was getting generated wrong. Fix it Also known as "why I …
(edit) @1064   16 years broder Make ConsoleFS RouteFS-based
(edit) @1062   16 years broder Update config files to work with Hardy Switch them to use …
(edit) @888   16 years y_z generate config files using mako
(edit) @887   16 years y_z using mako-render to generate nss-pgsql.conf from gen_config
(edit) @844   16 years y_z generate from debian init script
(edit) @843   16 years y_z * added decomposition of DB URI * generate nss-pgsql.conf from …
(edit) @841   16 years y_z - sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database - use invirt config
(edit) @810   16 years price todo lists for configuration I looked through all the code for …
(edit) @800   16 years price use invirt-getconf to generate config in sipb-xen-console
(edit) @699   16 years price generate console config from /etc/invirt/* at start/reload
(edit) @697   16 years price changelog
(edit) @696   16 years price use sipb-xen-base on console
(edit) @691   16 years price svn:ignore
(edit) @683   16 years price update sipb-xen-console for current config-package-dev
(edit) @678   16 years price move console-server config to a config package
(edit) @672   16 years price multiplex conserver across hosts
(edit) @395   16 years broder Yeah...I'm still an idiot
(edit) @386   16 years broder Change to using conserver instead of ssh
(edit) @384   16 years broder Fixing a typo
(edit) @382   16 years broder Don't add "d_" to the server name here - do it later
(edit) @380   16 years broder Added configuration changes for Kerberos and passwordless SSH, and …
(edit) @371   16 years broder The consolefs directory should be created when the package is …
(edit) @369   16 years broder Forgot to change the version number - sorry
(edit) @368   16 years broder fuse should get modprobe'd at boot
(edit) @366   16 years broder It should not be trivial for us to hack users' machines
(edit) @359   16 years broder Added comments and changed to using the syslog module instead of print
(edit) @357   16 years broder One more bug - principles in the .k5login files weren't being …
(edit) @353   16 years broder sipb-xen-chrony-config applies the chrony.conf file that I've been …
(edit) @351   16 years broder Fixing the motd instead of turning it off
(edit) @345   16 years broder Whoops - forgot the dummy file
(edit) @344   16 years broder New sipb-xen-console. Now with more magic - and more working This …
(add) @335   16 years broder First stab at a package to create the console server
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