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(edit) @2087   15 years price revert r2085 also while I'm touching this code, use run-parts --list …
(edit) @2085   15 years broder Correctly calculate the lists of both the sysvms to startup and the …
(edit) @2067   15 years price genericize sysvm startup to glob /etc/xen/sysvms/s_*
(edit) @1591   15 years broder Fix the sysvm startup lock cleanup
(edit) @1580   15 years broder Use a lock LV when starting sysvms since exclusive LV activation has …
(edit) @1471   15 years price simplify some shell code
(edit) @1462   15 years broder Add some additional documentation on how the sysvm disk locking works
(edit) @1460   15 years broder Forgot to actually add the path onto the sysvms for generating the …
(edit) @1459   15 years broder Add a typo'd missing paren
(edit) @1457   15 years broder Automatically startup sysvms if they're not running already
(edit) @1452   15 years broder Generate config files for sysvms in invirt-xen-config
(edit) @1280   15 years broder Give invirt-xen-config's init script a less weird description
(edit) @1277   15 years broder Another typo in invirt-xen-config's init script
(edit) @1275   15 years broder Fix invirt-xen-config's init script
(edit) @1261   15 years broder Generate and install /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp in invirt-xen-config
(add) @1257   15 years broder sipb-xen-dom0 -> invirt-xen-config
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