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(edit) @1977   15 years broder Update the nics.hostname field to keep it in sync with …
(edit) @1976   15 years quentin Show hostnames for every NIC
(edit) @1964   15 years price fix an old typo
(edit) @1836   15 years broder config.{authn[0] => kerberos}.realm
(edit) @1739   15 years broder Gutsy? Why are we defaulting to Gutsy?
(edit) @1737   15 years price add wiki and console-server links to ParaVM/HVM help text
(edit) @1736   15 years price update ParaVM/HVM help text
(edit) @1718   15 years price include a return address in error mail requires this.
(edit) @1707   15 years broder Tweak the language a bit
(edit) @1706   15 years price correct reason why you can't walk into a fresh autoinstall by ssh
(edit) @1705   15 years price rename autoinstaller help topic
(edit) @1704   15 years price document autoinstaller
(edit) @1667   15 years broder Punt some debug spew from the website
(edit) @1642   15 years broder Add (crude) support for SPNEGO in the web interface
(edit) @1634   15 years broder Use the right hostname for the console server
(edit) @1618   15 years broder Fix 2 typos in the web code
(edit) @1615   15 years broder Pull the vnctoken remctl into the controls module
(edit) @1613   15 years broder Move the remctl code into invirt.remctl
(edit) @1612   15 years broder Move CodeError? and InvalidInput? into invirt.common
(edit) @1578   15 years broder Strip the whitespace from the VNC authtoken
(edit) @1469   15 years broder When getting the authtoken in the web interface, call remctl from the …
(edit) @1391   15 years broder In the web interface, get the VNC auth token over remctl
(copy) @1318   15 years price sipb-xen-www -> invirt-web
copied from trunk/packages/sipb-xen-www/code/
(edit) @1103   16 years price use wildcard for config.web.errormail_exclude Once prod is really …
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