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(edit) @2803   14 years broder Add more user-friendly error handling for common errors, so they don't …
(edit) @2737   14 years broder Merge cherrypy-rebased branch of invirt-web into trunk.
(edit) @2295   15 years broder When creating a new VM, create the disks in the try/except block so …
(edit) @2211   15 years quentin Add "reusable" column for nics, to avoid reusing addresses that are …
(edit) @2097   15 years broder For now, revert r2093-2095, which were committed by accident; I'm not …
(edit) @2095   15 years broder Get rid of confusing err=True option to invirt.remctl.remctl.
(edit) @2020   15 years broder If the autoinstall or initial boot of a VM fails, destroy the VM …
(edit) @1721   15 years broder Move the autoinstaller disabling code to a more useful location (i.e. …
(edit) @1709   15 years broder Default to a NULL administrator, instead of the same as the owner
(edit) @1695   15 years broder Use the newly added architecture field in the website
(edit) @1682   15 years broder Add a commented out line to disable the autoinstaller
(edit) @1619   15 years broder Another oversight in the web remctl code
(edit) @1618   15 years broder Fix 2 typos in the web code
(edit) @1615   15 years broder Pull the vnctoken remctl into the controls module
(edit) @1614   15 years broder Actually generalize the invirt.remctl module
(edit) @1613   15 years broder Move the remctl code into invirt.remctl
(edit) @1612   15 years broder Move CodeError? and InvalidInput? into invirt.common
(copy) @1318   15 years price sipb-xen-www -> invirt-web
copied from trunk/packages/sipb-xen-www/code/
(edit) @1140   16 years broder Don't try to boot up the machine if we're running the autoinstaller
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