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(edit) @2262   15 years quentin Update changelog
(edit) @2261   15 years quentin Make invirt-update-vnc-cert more robust to failure
(edit) @2056   15 years broder Add missing dependency on java6-sdk to invirt-vnc-client.
(edit) @1792   16 years price invirt-vnc-client: actually fix copyright file * Incorporate my …
(edit) @1790   16 years price edit invirt-vnc-client/debian/copyright * More clearly reflect what's …
(edit) @1756   16 years broder Fix the invirt-vnc-client copyright file
(edit) @1755   16 years broder Pull the copyright from the tightvnc-java package This is an …
(edit) @1589   16 years broder Punt the invirt-vnc-client postinst - it's not needed
(edit) @1588   16 years broder Don't alter the original VNC JAR - make a copy instead
(edit) @1472   16 years quentin Document source for included code in VNC server
(edit) @1440   16 years broder Add an init script to invirt-vnc-client to refresh the VNC certificate …
(edit) @1439   16 years broder Fix the dependencies for invirt-vnc-client
(edit) @1438   16 years broder Isolate our patches to the VNC client from the upstream TightVNC source
(edit) @1418   16 years broder Small typo fixes in invirt-update-vnc-cert
(edit) @1413   16 years broder In invirt-vnc-client, get certificates from remctl, instead of from …
(edit) @1345   16 years broder Fix some bugs in invirt-update-vnc-cert
(edit) @1343   16 years broder Fix a typo
(edit) @1342   16 years broder Fix invirt-update-vnc-cert's install process
(edit) @1337   16 years broder Fix the dependencies of invirt-vnc-client
(edit) @1336   16 years broder Add a script to regenerate the VNC client's certificate store
(edit) @1335   16 years broder Rename the SIPBTrustManager code to InvirtTrustManager? in invirt-vnc-client
(add) @1334   16 years broder sipb-xen-vnc-client -> invirt-vnc-client
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