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(edit) @2766   15 years broder Have authz providers use an invirt.authz module. xvm-authz-locker now …
(edit) @2614   15 years gdb Reverted r2613 and started a new hvirt branch on the invirt-base pkg
(edit) @2613   15 years gdb Removed debathena from sources.list.d; deleted the rest of the …
(edit) @2604   15 years broder Stop installing a sources.list.d file for XVM's apt repository.
(edit) @2602   15 years broder Move XVM's locker authorization code into a separate xvm-authz-locker …
(edit) @2592   15 years broder Subclass invirt.common.struct from dict, instead of rolling our own …
(edit) @2590   15 years broder Store AFS cell configuration at authz.afs.cells instead of just …
(edit) @2572   15 years broder Take advantage of the newly added symbolic names for PTS connection …
(edit) @2571   15 years broder Rephrase the docstring for clarity. …
(edit) @2562   15 years broder In, deal with getting tokens and …
(edit) @2561   15 years broder Update invirt-base's to deal with invirt.authz module.
(edit) @2560   15 years broder Add a magic invirt.authz.mech module that loads whatever authz.mech is …
(edit) @2559   15 years broder Add a module to invirt-base for XVM-style …
(edit) @2553   15 years broder Add a changelog entry to invirt-base for r2551 (Add an iter method …
(edit) @2551   15 years broder Add an iter method to invirt.common.struct.
(edit) @2541   15 years broder In invirt-base: * Add a captureOutput function to invirt.common as a …
(edit) @2304   15 years broder In invirt-base: * Add the invirt-system component to the sources.list.
(edit) @2151   15 years broder Move invirt-setquotas into invirt-database. While we're at it, clean …
(edit) @2148   15 years iannucci Yay yasb
(edit) @2145   15 years iannucci Changelogs
(edit) @2144   15 years iannucci Fixed last yasb hopefully
(edit) @2135   15 years iannucci Made some changes requested by Broder.
(edit) @2134   15 years iannucci Added all the other quotas for great win.
(edit) @2132   15 years iannucci RAM quotas at remctl; RAM quota exception script, table, and usage in …
(edit) @2097   15 years broder For now, revert r2093-2095, which were committed by accident; I'm not …
(edit) @2095   15 years broder Get rid of confusing err=True option to invirt.remctl.remctl.
(edit) @2061   15 years price fix usage message in
(edit) @2052   15 years price depend on remctl-client in invirt-base, not invirt-web
(edit) @2025   15 years price fix whitespace in debathena.list
(edit) @2009   15 years broder Use a trigger in invirt-base to run invirt-reload instead of the …
(edit) @1935   16 years price invirt.common: handle yaml's None with empty struct for good error message
(edit) @1934   16 years price invirt.common: give clearer error message on missing config variable
(edit) @1933   16 years price invirt.config: fix an error on empty config files
(edit) @1929   16 years price document better
(edit) @1928   16 years price degrade to non-bash gracefully
(edit) @1926   16 years price invirt.config.run_parts_list: fix unclear docstring
(edit) @1910   16 years price move apticron, molly-guard dependencies to xvm metapackages from …
(edit) @1836   16 years broder config.{authn[0] => kerberos}.realm
(edit) @1803   16 years broder Stop depending on invirt-mail-config in invirt-base This was …
(edit) @1793   16 years broder Move the prod .k5login file to xvm-prodconfig
(edit) @1727   16 years broder Add a dependency on apticron for all servers
(edit) @1646   16 years broder Update apt sources list for prod
(edit) @1623   16 years broder Fix another typo - this one in invirt.common
(edit) @1621   16 years broder Fix a missing import in the invirt.remctl code
(edit) @1614   16 years broder Actually generalize the invirt.remctl module
(edit) @1613   16 years broder Move the remctl code into invirt.remctl
(edit) @1612   16 years broder Move CodeError? and InvalidInput? into invirt.common
(edit) @1609   16 years price invirt-reload should force-reload, not just reload
(edit) @1597   16 years broder Move invirt.remote Python module to invirt-remote-server
(edit) @1558   16 years broder Actually depend on invirt-mail-config on /all/ servers
(edit) @1513   16 years broder All servers should have molly-guard installed to prevent...accidents
(edit) @1499   16 years broder Punt references to sipb-xen- packages from invirt-reload
(edit) @1445   16 years broder Use invoke-rc.d instead of calling init scripts directly in …
(edit) @1424   16 years price create conf.d directory with .dirs file
(edit) @1423   16 years price use run-parts semantics in conf.d directory
(edit) @1422   16 years price use /etc/invirt/conf.d/ too in invirt.config
(edit) @1421   16 years price factor a bit of code out of the mondo invirt.config.load()
(edit) @1420   16 years price eliminate choice of source and cache files in invirt config
(edit) @1332   16 years price look in /invirt as apt repo URI rather than /sipb-xen
(add) @1330   16 years price sipb-xen-base -> invirt-base
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