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(edit) @2641   14 years price list.mako: map/lambda make Guido sad, use a comprehension In Python …
(edit) @2640   14 years price info.mako: cut no-longer-used hidden field
(edit) @2488   14 years broder Punt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we already have our …
(edit) @2486   14 years quentin error page tweaks
(edit) @2485   14 years quentin Full error handling
(edit) @2484   14 years quentin Unauthenticated front page
(edit) @2483   14 years quentin Make modify form work
(edit) @2482   14 years quentin Implement administrator mode
(edit) @2453   15 years ecprice Update focus rules to failback in safari
(edit) @2451   15 years ecprice Make ajaxterm only seize keypresses when focused.
(edit) @2448   15 years quentin Apply javascript quoting after URL-escaping
(edit) @2443   15 years quentin Link to the web terminal page from the VM list for paravms
(edit) @2433   15 years quentin ajaxterm!
(edit) @2432   15 years quentin Add terminal page
(edit) @2431   15 years quentin Allow pages to specify extra header elements
(edit) @2424   15 years quentin Show installer status on the front page, and unbreak the autoinstall …
(edit) @2419   15 years quentin textarea elements don't handle HTML
(edit) @2418   15 years quentin Make commands work from list and info pages
(edit) @2417   15 years quentin Use RESTful URLs for commands
(edit) @2416   15 years broder Translate newlines to break tags in the machine description.
(edit) @2414   15 years quentin Port vnc page to Mako and CherryPy?
(edit) @2413   15 years quentin Move machine-related pages into a REST-style URL.
(edit) @2412   15 years quentin Remove calls to helppopup from outside templates
(edit) @2411   15 years quentin Upgrade info page to Mako
(edit) @2410   15 years quentin Get username from cherrypy request object
(edit) @2409   15 years quentin Implement help handler
(edit) @2408   15 years quentin Add kwargs to helloworld for debugging purposes
(edit) @2407   15 years quentin Show the cherrypy request object on the helloworld page
(edit) @2406   15 years quentin Add space after id attribute
(edit) @2405   15 years quentin Properly refer to functions via self.fn
(edit) @2403   15 years quentin Use global imports for Mako templates
(edit) @2401   15 years quentin Properly HTML-escape functions
(edit) @2400   15 years quentin Move the help popup code into the templates where it belongs
(edit) @2395   15 years quentin Port list to Mako
(edit) @2394   15 years quentin Remove Cheetah skeleton
(edit) @2393   15 years quentin Port functions to Mako
(edit) @2392   15 years quentin Basic skeleton and helloworld templates
(copy) @2383   15 years broder Create cherrypy branch of invirt-web.
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(edit) @2238   15 years broder Power off VMs after a Javascript popup.
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