<%page expression_filter="h"/> <%namespace name="fn" file="functions.mako" inheritable="True"/> ${self.title()} — XVM ${self.header_extra()} % if False:

We are in the process of modifying the service. Things likely will not work.

% endif % if error_text is not UNDEFINED:


% endif % if not simple: % if cherrypy.request.login:

Welcome, ${cherrypy.request.login}. % if cherrypy.request.state.isadmin: You are currently authenticated as an administrator. % endif

% endif % endif
% if result: ${result} % endif
% if not simple:

${self.title()} — XVM

% endif ${next.body()} % if not simple:
Questions? Contact xvm@mit.edu. % endif <%def name="title()"> XVM <%def name="header_extra()">