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    1010<h1>XVM &mdash; Virtual Servers for MIT </h1>
    12 <p><strong>xvm.mit.edu</strong> is a virtualization service for the
    13 MIT community.  We offer <strong>virtual machines</strong>&mdash;your
    14 own complete system on which you can start from our <strong>two-minute
    15 Debian</strong> Linux auto-install or install the operating
    16 <strong>system of your choice</strong>.  The service is <strong>free
    17 to any Athena account holder</strong>.  </p>
     12<p><strong>xvm.mit.edu</strong> is a virtualization service for the MIT
     13community.  We offer <strong>virtual machines</strong>&mdash;your own
     14complete system on which you can start from our <strong>two-minute
     15Debian install</strong> or install the <strong>operating system of your
     16choice</strong>.  The service is <strong>free</strong> to any Athena
     17account holder.</p>
    19 <p>If you're a member of the MIT community, go <a
    20 href="https://xvm.mit.edu/"><strong>try out the service</strong>
    21 now</a>.  You'll need an <a href="http://ca.mit.edu/">MIT personal
     19<p>MIT users:</p>
     21href="https://xvm.mit.edu/"><strong><font color="green">&rarr;</font> Log in to XVM now</strong>
     23<p>You'll need an <a href="http://ca.mit.edu/">MIT personal
    24 <p>The XVM code base is also forthcoming as a <strong>free
    25 software</strong> project.  We've been too lazy to put in a COPYING
    26 file yet, but you can look at our source in <a
    27 href="https://xvm.mit.edu:1111/">our Subversion repo</a>.  If you're
    28 interested in using <strong>XVM outside MIT</strong>, we'd be happy to
    29 help you make it work in your environment; mail us at
    30 <tt>xvm@mit.edu</tt>.</p>
     26<h2>XVM features:</h2>
     28<li>Online management of virtual machines</li>
     29<li>A wide selection of bootable CD-ROM images and installers</li>
     30<li>A two-minute Debian (Etch) image cloner</li>
     31<li>Secure VNC console access via a Java applet</li>
     32<li>Secure serial console access over SSH</li>
     33<li>Ownership and access control through Athena lockers and groups</li>
     36<p>The XVM code base is a <strong>free software</strong> project under
     37development, licensed under GPLv2+. If you're interested in using it,
     38we'd be happy to help you set it up in your environment. Our Subversion
     39repository is</p> <blockquote><a
    3242<p>xvm.mit.edu is provided by <a href="http://sipb.mit.edu/">SIPB</a>,
    33 the <strong>student computing group</strong> at MIT, with generous
    34 funding from <a href="http://web.mit.edu/ist/">IS&amp;T</a>.  Like all
    35 SIPB projects, we are independently run by our own team of volunteers,
    36 and we welcome new contributors.</p>
     43the student computing group at MIT, with generous funding from <a
     44href="http://web.mit.edu/ist/">IS&amp;T</a>.  Like all SIPB projects, we
     45are independently run by our own team of volunteers, and we welcome new
    38 <p>Questions and <strong>feedback welcome</strong> at <tt>xvm@mit.edu</tt>.</p>
     48<p>Questions and feedback welcome at <a
    4051#end def
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