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Oct 12, 2009, 2:16:24 AM (15 years ago)

Update git-hooks notes with new vision for how git works.

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  • trunk/scripts/git-hooks/notes

    r2358 r2498  
    3 on commit to submodule:
    4   zephyr
    5   nothing else?
    7 superrepo heads are dev, prod, and dev-incoming, prod-incoming
    8 on commit to superrepo:
    9   reject commits to dev, prod
    10   grab lock or fail
    11   spawn build process
     3on push to submodule:
     4  error on non-fast-forward
     5  error on pushing tag
    126  zephyr
    14 in build process for foo-incoming:
    15   for each changed submodule revision:
    16     (as optimization: if same commit already in dev, just reprepro move)
    17     try to build submodule
     8superrepo heads are dev and prod
     9on push to superrepo:
     10  error - no pushes to superrepo
     12on remctl xvm repo (dev|prod) package SHA-1:
     13  use remctl ACLs to limit pushes to correct groups
     14  verify that new version number is greater than previous
     15  echo "(dev|prod) package SHA-1" > $build_queue/TIMESTAMP
     17while build queue is not empty:
     18  find min(os.listdir($build_queue))
     19  (as optimization: if same commit already in dev, just reprepro move)
     20  try to build submodule
    1821    if fail:
    19       abort whole build
    20       clean up any previous packages' built files, maybe keep this one's around
    21     remember package and version
    22   for each changed submodule revision:  (if we're still going)
    23     tag submodule with version
    24     upload to dev/prod respectively
    25     clean up built files
    26   commit to foo
    27   zephyr?
    28   release lock
    29 if fail:
    30   reset foo-incoming to old revision
    31   send mail with log
     22      keep build around
     23      send mail with log
     24      zephyr
     25  upload to apt repo
     26  tag submodule with version
     27  commit superrepo with updated submodule
     28  clean up build files
    3229  zephyr
    33   release lock
    35 Maybe there could be something sane without the lock?  It'd require
    36 more thought.
     30  rm $build_queue file
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