source: trunk/scripts @ 2374

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
vnc-client 2096   15 years broder Use the FQDN for xvm-remote instead of an unqualified name.
pv-fixup 2321   14 years price pv-fixup, lvmanip: last tweaks This is from the very beginning of …
prod-migration 1864   15 years broder Move the dev->prod migration stuff into its own subdir for neatness.
outage 2276   15 years price outage-mail: send xvm@ just one message for the whole batch
osx-update 2294   14 years broder Add the dev servers to the osx-update script.
munin 2059   15 years quentin Sort the UUIDs so that dom0 appears first
lvm-backup-reader 2270   15 years iannucci LVM metadata reader script in lvm-backup-reader 1849   15 years price tweak background color
invirt-test-build 2202   15 years price trivial fix
invirt-admin 2237   15 years broder Don't loop infinitely if options are misspelled (or invalid).
install-invirt 2051   15 years price tweak Don't try to install invirt-host-master, …
git-migration 2357   14 years andersk Mention my svn-all-fast-export localtime branch in the comment
git-hooks 2358   14 years price update git-hooks notes to reflect asynchronous design
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