source: trunk/scripts/git-migration/authors @ 2310

Last change on this file since 2310 was 2221, checked in by broder, 15 years ago

Add Edward and Peter to the git migration authors file.

File size: 566 bytes
1andersk Anders Kaseorg <>
2broder Evan Broder <>
3ecprice Eric Price <>
4ezyang Edward Z. Yang <>
5geofft Geoffrey Thomas <>
6hartmans Sam Hartman <>
7iannucci Peter Iannucci <>
8mitchb Mitchell Berger <>
9neboat Tao Ben Schardl <>
10nelhage Nelson Elhage <>
11price Greg Price <>
12quentin Quentin Smith <>
13tabbott Tim Abbott <>
14y_z Yang Zhang <>
15zev Zev Benjamin <>
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