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3on push to submodule:
4  error on non-fast-forward
5  error on pushing tag
6  zephyr
8superrepo heads are dev and prod
9on push to superrepo:
10  error - no pushes to superrepo
12on remctl xvm repo (dev|prod) package SHA-1:
13  use remctl ACLs to limit pushes to correct groups
14  verify that new version number is greater than previous
15  echo "(dev|prod) package SHA-1" > $build_queue/TIMESTAMP
17while build queue is not empty:
18  find min(os.listdir($build_queue))
19  (as optimization: if same commit already in dev, just reprepro move)
20  try to build submodule
21    if fail:
22      keep build around
23      send mail with log
24      zephyr
25  upload to apt repo
26  tag submodule with version
27  commit superrepo with updated submodule
28  clean up build files
29  zephyr
30  rm $build_queue file
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