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revise pseudocode in notes to be more robust

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3on commit to submodule:
4  zephyr
5  nothing else?
7superrepo heads are dev, prod
8on commit to superrepo:
9  for each changed submodule revision:
10    (as optimization: if same commit already in dev, just reprepro move)
11    try to build submodule
12    if fail:
13      abort whole commit
14      clean up any previous packages' built files, maybe keep this one's around
15    remember package and version
16  for each changed submodule revision:  (if we're still going)
17    tag submodule with version
18    upload to dev/prod respectively
19    clean up built files
20  actually commit
21  zephyr
23This makes a long pre-receive process.  Is that cool?
24Probably is the right thing.
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