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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
sipb-xen-base 681   16 years price leave out debathena-system so we get only the packages we ask for …
sipb-xen-chrony-config 547   16 years andersk s/unstable/intrepid/
sipb-xen-clvm-config 503   16 years broder Fix multipath-tools' broken udev rule
sipb-xen-console 683   16 years price update sipb-xen-console for current config-package-dev
sipb-xen-console-server 672   16 years price multiplex conserver across hosts
sipb-xen-database 671   16 years quentin Boot VMs as HVM when there is a boot CD, regardless of machine type
sipb-xen-dev 471   16 years price changelog
sipb-xen-dhcp 506   16 years broder Start using for DHCP
sipb-xen-dns 651   16 years broder Restructuring code to correctly return NXDOMAIN on non-A-record requests
sipb-xen-dom0 500   16 years andersk losetup -f finds an unused loop device.
sipb-xen-guest-installer 642   16 years broder Hyphens in the LV name are replaced with double hyphens in /dev/mapper
sipb-xen-host-master 675   16 years price update host-master package and notes
sipb-xen-iptables 669   16 years price reformat iptables.rules a bit
sipb-xen-python-pydhcplib 377   16 years broder Fix the DHCP server (fixes #44)
sipb-xen-remctl-auto 657   16 years price a sipb-xen-remctl-auto file that's been unchecked-in for a while
sipb-xen-remote-server 679   16 years price svn:ignore
sipb-xen-vnc-client 305   16 years broder If I'm lucky, I might have a sipb-xen-vnc-client package, too
sipb-xen-vnc-server 306   16 years broder Today is, in fact, not a Sunday
sipb-xen-www 670   16 years ecprice Fix statement about autoinstall's password
xvm-console-devconfig 678   16 years price move console-server config to a config package
  • Property svn:ignore set to
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