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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
hvirt-config 2984   14 years gdb Updated hvirt-config
hvirt-meta 2883   15 years gdb Initial build of hvirt-meta. Doesn't contain anything too useful at …
invirt-autoinstaller 3016   14 years broder Add a missing dependency for invirt-autoinstaller-host on kpartx.
invirt-base 2989   14 years broder Select an authz module using setuptools' entry points mechainsm. …
invirt-cluster-config 2931   15 years broder Actually regenerate the corosync config file in …
invirt-console 3023   14 years broder Divert /etc/conserver/ in the right binary package.
invirt-database 2991   14 years quentin Enforce a unique constraint on the machine name column.
invirt-dev 3028   14 years gdb Make invirtibuilder work
invirt-dhcp 2983   14 years quentin Update dhcp changelog
invirt-dns 2210   15 years price changelog
invirt-host-master 2880   15 years gdb And finally, one more debathena-kerberos-config -> invirt-kerberos-config
invirt-images 2975   14 years gdb Catch error if fetch_image fails
invirt-iptables 2906   15 years gdb Fixed up changelog
invirt-kerberos-config 2968   14 years broder Provide debathena-kerberos-config in invirt-kerberos-config.
invirt-manual-config 2853   15 years gdb Updated config in invirt-manual-config
invirt-remote 2893   15 years gdb But openbsd-inetd dep in the correct package
invirt-ssh-config 2872   15 years broder Update invirt-ssh-config copyright to indicate we stole it from Debathena.
invirt-svn-server 2110   15 years broder invirt-svn-server is also Architecture: all.
invirt-vnc-client 2920   15 years gdb Removed invirt-web-afs-apache
invirt-vnc-server 2998   14 years broder Add missing python-openssl dependency to invirt-vnc-server.
invirt-web 3027   14 years quentin Allow partial success when modifying a VM, so the database will more …
invirt-xen-config 2995   14 years broder Revert "Bump dom0-min-mem so that hopefully we OOM kill less." OOM …
libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert 1801   16 years broder Punt the now unneeded debian/docs file in libapache2-mod-auth-sslcert
python-afs 2599   15 years broder Import python-afs. Debathena should eventually be importing PyAFS for …
python-pydhcplib 2109   15 years broder python-pydhcplib is really Architecture: all.
python-routefs 981   16 years broder Import RouteFS for new versions of ConsoleFS and RemconfFS
xvm-authz-locker 2989   14 years broder Select an authz module using setuptools' entry points mechainsm. …
xvm-db-backup 2879   15 years gdb Changed yet another dependency on debathena-kerberos-config -> …
xvm-devconfig 3020   14 years broder Fix arkham-asylum's IP address in xvm-devconfig
xvm-iscsi-config 2902   15 years gdb Updated changelogs
xvm-mail-config 2283   15 years broder In xvm-mail-config: * Add a few more options to to deal with …
xvm-meta 2882   15 years gdb Fixed typo
xvm-munin-config 3011   14 years broder Use the .. Perl operator to simplify prerms. invirt-console-host, …
xvm-prodconfig 3026   14 years gdb Added gdb to the don't-send-error-mail list
  • Property svn:ignore set to
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